Beautiful places to visit in Pakistan

Beautiful places to visit in Pakistan


Pakistan is a beautiful country and it is a very wonderful place for tourists. In Pakistan, more than 108 peaks are present, and all above 7000 meters in height. K2 which is the mountain of the second height in the world is also present in Pakistan. K2 is 8611 meters above sea level. Lahore and Islamabad are the most beautiful city in Pakistan. Pakistan is a perfect place for tourists. It is very difficult to choose from the long list of places to visit in this lovely country, so I can suggest that you are visiting the following places. Like Skardu, Islamabad, Kalash valleys, Hunza, Peshawar, Gojal valley, Naltar valley, Gilgit, Lahore, Phandar valley, and Gwadar.


Skardu is a very beautiful place which has many mountains, Turquoise water, lakes, and liberal people. i suggest you that spend two or three days in this city. And explore its beautiful village and resorts like Shangri-la Resort and dunes in Katpana village. The famous Indus River is passed from here. Shopping and dining are very famous so you can find here very beautiful gifts for your family and friends. If you are fond of trekking, you cannot help trekking through the glaciers to the base camps of some of the world’s highest mountain, including K2. Your vacation would not be complete without a visit to the Surreal Deosai national park and Satpara Lake these both park is present in Skardu.


Islamabad is the capital of Pakistan and it is a romantic city. It is an excellent place for relaxation. Islamabad is a green city and has very beautiful rods and highways. It has a very clean and serene environment. You can look here Virsa Museum, Faisal Mosque, Margalla Hills and then go to Monal at the top. You can see Islamabad and its surrounded areas from up here. Monal is a very beautiful place for capturing Instagram pictures. Islamabad has many options at the food point. You can find here all types of food. Most visitors cannot help falling in love with the beautiful Lake view Park and Shakarparian and the small but exquisite Saidpur village. Centaurus Mall and Safa Gold mall are the best shopping mall in Islamabad.

Kalasha Valleys

Kalasha Located in the middle of the Hindu Kush Mountain in Chitral. These beautiful valleys are home to Kalash peoples. The eye-catching beauty of the area, the pastures, and the unique architecture of the houses make this place value exploration. Bamburet is very popular in the Kalasha Valley. But if you want to see and hear the unique Kalasha culture, then go to Rumboor and Birir. The liberated people of Kalash are said to be descendants of Alexander the Great. If you visit Kalash in May then don’t miss the annual dinner called Chlam Joshi.


It is no secret that Hunza is home to peaceful, helpful, and friendly people. Located in the Karakoram Mountain Range, Hunza consists of many colorful and eye-catching villages. It has many fruit trees, glaciers, rivers, wooden bridges, and snowcapped mountains. The view of the sunset in Duikar is very beautiful. Duiker a small village present in Hunza. Get the best views from the top of Altit and Baltit forts. Or simply walk in the beautiful streets of Hunza and mix with the home people. Karimabad, the main profitable center of the area, has many hotels, restaurants, and shops. Before you leave, try out the local cooking tools and buy some good handicrafts from the shops.


Peshawar is situated on the northwest side of Islamabad. Peshawar is a beautiful city with a great history of the Mughal Empires. Peshawar city is famous among tourists for its historic sites, shopping malls, and restaurants. Just walk in the streets and markets of Peshawar and try the famous Charsi Tikka lunch in the famous Namak Mandi. If you like mutton then don’t miss the traditional Dum pukht meal which is a famous dish of Peshawar. Peshawar retains its medieval beauty. The Hisar Fort and its fortresses can still be seen gazing at the famous GT road. Other historical sites in Peshawar include the Peshawar Museum, the Buddhist Stupas, the Khyber Pass, and Jamrud Fort.

When you come here for shopping, you can buy many luxury items at a good deal price in Peshawar. Be it the famous Afghan carpets of Shuba Chowk, the precious stones of Namak Mandi, and the Peshawari Chappals at the Jehangir Pura Market (Jahangirpura Bazaar), Peshawar city has it all. A visit to the historic Qissa Khwani Bazaar is also a must for those who love to shop.


The old city of Lahore is known for its many tourist attractions and activities, such as historic sites, shopping malls, and restaurants. For foodies, Lahore has infinite options, but on the famous Food Street on MM Alam Road, you will taste all the famous kitchens in one place. For people interested in history, art, and architecture, Lahore Fort is a must-visit. The famous Mahmud of Ghazni built a fortress in the 11th century. Visiting the Bhadhahi Mosque is another similar way of treating guests. If you are a customer, start back to Anarkali Bazaar and Liberty Market. Other places to visit in Lahore include Shalimar Gardens, Lahore Museum, Minar in Pakistan, Wagah Border, etc.


Beautiful mountains, beaches and valleys, rich cultural heirs, and many restaurants are present in Pakistan. Just decide which places you want to visit in Pakistan and get ready to explore the beautiful country of South Asia.



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