A Codes

A0021 Outside state ambulance serv
A0080 Noninterest escort in non er
A0090 Interest escort in non er
A0100 Nonemergency transport taxi
A0110 Nonemergency transport bus
A0120 Noner transport mini-bus
A0130 Noner transport wheelch van
A0140 Nonemergency transport air
A0160 Noner transport case worker
A0170 Transport parking fees/tolls
A0180 Noner transport lodgng recip
A0190 Noner transport meals recip
A0200 Noner transport lodgng escrt
A0210 Noner transport meals escort
A0225 Neonatal emergency transport
A0380 Basic life support mileage
A0382 Basic support routine suppls
A0384 Bls defibrillation supplies
A0390 Advanced life support mileag
A0392 Als defibrillation supplies
A0394 Als iv drug therapy supplies
A0396 Als esophageal intub suppls
A0398 Als routine disposble suppls
A0420 Ambulance waiting 1/2 hr
A0422 Ambulance 02 life sustaining
A0424 Extra ambulance attendant
A0425 Ground mileage
A0426 Als 1
A0427 Als1-emergency
A0428 Bls
A0429 Bls-emergency
A0430 Fixed wing air transport
A0431 Rotary wing air transport
A0432 Pi volunteer ambulance co
A0433 Als 2
A0434 Specialty care transport
A0435 Fixed wing air mileage
A0436 Rotary wing air mileage
A0888 Noncovered ambulance mileage
A0998 Ambulance response/treatment
A0999 Unlisted ambulance service
A4206 1 cc sterile syringe&needle
A4207 2 cc sterile syringe&needle
A4208 3 cc sterile syringe&needle
A4209 5+ cc sterile syringe&needle
A4210 Nonneedle injection device
A4211 Supp for self-adm injections
A4212 Non coring needle or stylet
A4213 20+ cc syringe only
A4215 Sterile needle
A4216 Sterile water/saline, 10 ml
A4217 Sterile water/saline, 500 ml
A4218 Sterile saline or water
A4220 Infusion pump refill kit
A4221 Supp non-insulin inf cath/wk
A4222 Infusion supplies with pump
A4223 Infusion supplies w/o pump
A4224 Supply insulin inf cath/wk
A4225 Sup/ext insulin inf pump syr
A4226 Weekly supply maint cgs pump
A4230 Infus insulin pump non needl
A4231 Infusion insulin pump needle
A4232 Syringe w/needle insulin 3cc
A4233 Alkalin batt for glucose mon
A4234 J-cell batt for glucose mon
A4235 Lithium batt for glucose mon
A4236 Silvr oxide batt glucose mon
A4244 Alcohol or peroxide per pint
A4245 Alcohol wipes per box
A4246 Betadine/phisohex solution
A4247 Betadine/iodine swabs/wipes
A4248 Chlorhexidine antisept
A4250 Urine reagent strips/tablets
A4252 Blood ketone test or strip
A4253 Blood glucose/reagent strips
A4255 Glucose monitor platforms
A4256 Calibrator solution/chips
A4257 Replace lensshield cartridge
A4258 Lancet device each
A4259 Lancets per box
A4261 Cervical cap contraceptive
A4262 Temporary tear duct plug
A4263 Permanent tear duct plug
A4264 Intratubal occlusion device
A4265 Paraffin
A4266 Diaphragm
A4267 Male condom
A4268 Female condom
A4269 Spermicide
A4270 Disposable endoscope sheath
A4280 Brst prsths adhsv attchmnt
A4281 Replacement breastpump tube
A4282 Replacement breastpump adpt
A4283 Replacement breastpump cap
A4284 Replcmnt breast pump shield
A4285 Replcmnt breast pump bottle
A4286 Replcmnt breastpump lok ring
A4290 Sacral nerve stim test lead
A4300 Cath impl vasc access portal
A4301 Implantable access syst perc
A4305 Drug delivery system >=50 ml
A4306 Drug delivery system <=50 ml
A4310 Insert tray w/o bag/cath
A4311 Catheter w/o bag 2-way latex
A4312 Cath w/o bag 2-way silicone
A4313 Catheter w/bag 3-way
A4314 Cath w/drainage 2-way latex
A4315 Cath w/drainage 2-way silcne
A4316 Cath w/drainage 3-way
A4320 Irrigation tray
A4321 Cath therapeutic irrig agent
A4322 Irrigation syringe
A4326 Male external catheter
A4327 Fem urinary collect dev cup
A4328 Fem urinary collect pouch
A4330 Stool collection pouch
A4331 Extension drainage tubing
A4332 Lube sterile packet
A4333 Urinary cath anchor device
A4334 Urinary cath leg strap
A4335 Incontinence supply
A4336 Urethral insert
A4337 Incontinent rectal insert
A4338 Indwelling catheter latex
A4340 Indwelling catheter special
A4344 Cath indw foley 2 way silicn
A4346 Cath indw foley 3 way
A4349 Disposable male external cat
A4351 Straight tip urine catheter
A4352 Coude tip urinary catheter
A4353 Intermittent urinary cath
A4354 Cath insertion tray w/bag
A4355 Bladder irrigation tubing
A4356 Ext ureth clmp or compr dvc
A4357 Bedside drainage bag
A4358 Urinary leg or abdomen bag
A4360 Disposable ext urethral dev
A4361 Ostomy face plate
A4362 Solid skin barrier
A4363 Ostomy clamp, replacement
A4364 Adhesive, liquid or equal
A4366 Ostomy vent
A4367 Ostomy belt
A4368 Ostomy filter
A4369 Skin barrier liquid per oz
A4371 Skin barrier powder per oz
A4372 Skin barrier solid 4x4 equiv
A4373 Skin barrier with flange
A4375 Drainable plastic pch w fcpl
A4376 Drainable rubber pch w fcplt
A4377 Drainable plstic pch w/o fp
A4378 Drainable rubber pch w/o fp
A4379 Urinary plastic pouch w fcpl
A4380 Urinary rubber pouch w fcplt
A4381 Urinary plastic pouch w/o fp
A4382 Urinary hvy plstc pch w/o fp
A4383 Urinary rubber pouch w/o fp
A4384 Ostomy faceplt/silicone ring
A4385 Ost skn barrier sld ext wear
A4387 Ost clsd pouch w att st barr
A4388 Drainable pch w ex wear barr
A4389 Drainable pch w st wear barr
A4390 Drainable pch ex wear convex
A4391 Urinary pouch w ex wear barr
A4392 Urinary pouch w st wear barr
A4393 Urine pch w ex wear bar conv
A4394 Ostomy pouch liq deodorant
A4395 Ostomy pouch solid deodorant
A4396 Peristomal hernia supprt blt
A4397 Irrigation supply sleeve
A4398 Ostomy irrigation bag
A4399 Ostomy irrig cone/cath w brs
A4400 Ostomy irrigation set
A4402 Lubricant per ounce
A4404 Ostomy ring each
A4405 Nonpectin based ostomy paste
A4406 Pectin based ostomy paste
A4407 Ext wear ost skn barr <=4sq""
A4408 Ext wear ost skn barr >4sq""
A4409 Ost skn barr convex <=4 sq i
A4410 Ost skn barr extnd >4 sq
A4411 Ost skn barr extnd =4sq
A4412 Ost pouch drain high output
A4413 2 pc drainable ost pouch
A4414 Ost sknbar w/o conv<=4 sq in
A4415 Ost skn barr w/o conv >4 sqi
A4416 Ost pch clsd w barrier/filtr
A4417 Ost pch w bar/bltinconv/fltr
A4418 Ost pch clsd w/o bar w filtr
A4419 Ost pch for bar w flange/flt
A4420 Ost pch clsd for bar w lk fl
A4421 Ostomy supply misc
A4422 Ost pouch absorbent material
A4423 Ost pch for bar w lk fl/fltr
A4424 Ost pch drain w bar & filter
A4425 Ost pch drain for barrier fl
A4426 Ost pch drain 2 piece system
A4427 Ost pch drain/barr lk flng/f
A4428 Urine ost pouch w faucet/tap
A4429 Urine ost pouch w bltinconv
A4430 Ost urine pch w b/bltin conv
A4431 Ost pch urine w barrier/tapv
A4432 Os pch urine w bar/fange/tap
A4433 Urine ost pch bar w lock fln
A4434 Ost pch urine w lock flng/ft
A4435 1pc ost pch drain hgh output
A4450 Non-waterproof tape
A4452 Waterproof tape
A4455 Adhesive remover per ounce
A4456 Adhesive remover, wipes
A4458 Reusable enema bag
A4459 Manual pump enema, reusable
A4461 Surgicl dress hold non-reuse
A4463 Surgical dress holder reuse
A4465 Non-elastic extremity binder
A4467 Belt strap sleev grmnt cover
A4470 Gravlee jet washer
A4480 Vabra aspirator
A4481 Tracheostoma filter
A4483 Moisture exchanger
A4490 Above knee surgical stocking
A4495 Thigh length surg stocking
A4500 Below knee surgical stocking
A4510 Full length surg stocking
A4520 Incontinence garment anytype
A4550 Surgical trays
A4553 Nondisp underpads, all sizes
A4554 Disposable underpads
A4555 Ca tx e-stim electr/transduc
A4556 Electrodes, pair
A4557 Lead wires, pair
A4558 Conductive gel or paste
A4559 Coupling gel or paste
A4561 Pessary rubber, any type
A4562 Pessary, non rubber,any type
A4563 Vag inser rectal control sys
A4565 Slings
A4566 Should sling/vest/abrestrain
A4570 Splint
A4575 Hyperbaric o2 chamber disps
A4580 Cast supplies (plaster)
A4590 Special casting material
A4595 Tens suppl 2 lead per month
A4600 Sleeve, inter limb comp dev
A4601 Lith ion non prosth recharge
A4602 Replace lithium battery 1.5v
A4604 Tubing with heating element
A4605 Trach suction cath close sys
A4606 Oxygen probe used w oximeter
A4608 Transtracheal oxygen cath
A4611 Heavy duty battery
A4612 Battery cables
A4613 Battery charger
A4614 Hand-held pefr meter
A4615 Cannula nasal
A4616 Tubing (oxygen) per foot
A4617 Mouth piece
A4618 Breathing circuits
A4619 Face tent
A4620 Variable concentration mask
A4623 Tracheostomy inner cannula
A4624 Tracheal suction tube
A4625 Trach care kit for new trach
A4626 Tracheostomy cleaning brush
A4627 Spacer bag/reservoir
A4628 Oropharyngeal suction cath
A4629 Tracheostomy care kit
A4630 Repl bat t.e.n.s. own by pt
A4633 Uvl replacement bulb
A4634 Replacement bulb th lightbox
A4635 Underarm crutch pad
A4636 Handgrip for cane etc
A4637 Repl tip cane/crutch/walker
A4638 Repl batt pulse gen sys
A4639 Infrared ht sys replcmnt pad
A4640 Alternating pressure pad
A4641 Radiopharm dx agent noc
A4642 In111 satumomab
A4648 Implantable tissue marker
A4649 Surgical supplies
A4650 Implant radiation dosimeter
A4651 Calibrated microcap tube
A4652 Microcapillary tube sealant
A4653 Pd catheter anchor belt
A4657 Syringe w/wo needle
A4660 Sphyg/bp app w cuff and stet
A4663 Dialysis blood pressure cuff
A4670 Automatic bp monitor, dial
A4671 Disposable cycler set
A4672 Drainage ext line, dialysis
A4673 Ext line w easy lock connect
A4674 Chem/antisept solution, 8oz
A4680 Activated carbon filter, ea
A4690 Dialyzer, each
A4706 Bicarbonate conc sol per gal
A4707 Bicarbonate conc pow per pac
A4708 Acetate conc sol per gallon
A4709 Acid conc sol per gallon
A4714 Treated water per gallon
A4719 "y set"" tubing"
A4720 Dialysat sol fld vol > 249cc
A4721 Dialysat sol fld vol > 999cc
A4722 Dialys sol fld vol > 1999cc
A4723 Dialys sol fld vol > 2999cc
A4724 Dialys sol fld vol > 3999cc
A4725 Dialys sol fld vol > 4999cc
A4726 Dialys sol fld vol > 5999cc
A4728 Dialysate solution, non-dex
A4730 Fistula cannulation set, ea
A4736 Topical anesthetic, per gram
A4737 Inj anesthetic per 10 ml
A4740 Shunt accessory
A4750 Art or venous blood tubing
A4755 Comb art/venous blood tubing
A4760 Dialysate sol test kit, each
A4765 Dialysate conc pow per pack
A4766 Dialysate conc sol add 10 ml
A4770 Blood collection tube/vacuum
A4771 Serum clotting time tube
A4772 Blood glucose test strips
A4773 Occult blood test strips
A4774 Ammonia test strips
A4802 Protamine sulfate per 50 mg
A4860 Disposable catheter tips
A4870 Plumb/elec wk hm hemo equip
A4890 Repair/maint cont hemo equip
A4911 Drain bag/bottle
A4913 Misc dialysis supplies noc
A4918 Venous pressure clamp
A4927 Non-sterile gloves
A4928 Surgical mask
A4929 Tourniquet for dialysis, ea
A4930 Sterile, gloves per pair
A4931 Reusable oral thermometer
A4932 Reusable rectal thermometer
A5051 Pouch clsd w barr attached
A5052 Clsd ostomy pouch w/o barr
A5053 Clsd ostomy pouch faceplate
A5054 Clsd ostomy pouch w/flange
A5055 Stoma cap
A5056 1 pc ost pouch w filter
A5057 1 pc ost pou w built-in conv
A5061 Pouch drainable w barrier at
A5062 Drnble ostomy pouch w/o barr
A5063 Drain ostomy pouch w/flange
A5071 Urinary pouch w/barrier
A5072 Urinary pouch w/o barrier
A5073 Urinary pouch on barr w/flng
A5081 Stoma plug or seal, any type
A5082 Continent stoma catheter
A5083 Stoma absorptive cover
A5093 Ostomy accessory convex inse
A5102 Bedside drain btl w/wo tube
A5105 Urinary suspensory
A5112 Urinary leg bag
A5113 Latex leg strap
A5114 Foam/fabric leg strap
A5120 Skin barrier, wipe or swab
A5121 Solid skin barrier 6x6
A5122 Solid skin barrier 8x8
A5126 Disk/foam pad +or- adhesive
A5131 Appliance cleaner
A5200 Percutaneous catheter anchor
A5500 Diab shoe for density insert
A5501 Diabetic custom molded shoe
A5503 Diabetic shoe w/roller/rockr
A5504 Diabetic shoe with wedge
A5505 Diab shoe w/metatarsal bar
A5506 Diabetic shoe w/off set heel
A5507 Modification diabetic shoe
A5508 Diabetic deluxe shoe
A5510 Compression form shoe insert
A5512 Multi den insert direct form
A5513 Multi den insert custom mold
A5514 Mult den insert dir carv/cam
A6000 Wound warming wound cover
A6010 Collagen based wound filler
A6011 Collagen gel/paste wound fil
A6021 Collagen dressing <=16 sq in
A6022 Collagen drsg>16<=48 sq in
A6023 Collagen dressing >48 sq in
A6024 Collagen dsg wound filler
A6025 Silicone gel sheet, each
A6154 Wound pouch each
A6196 Alginate dressing <=16 sq in
A6197 Alginate drsg >16 <=48 sq in
A6198 Alginate dressing > 48 sq in
A6199 Alginate drsg wound filler
A6203 Composite drsg <= 16 sq in
A6204 Composite drsg >16<=48 sq in
A6205 Composite drsg > 48 sq in
A6206 Contact layer <= 16 sq in
A6207 Contact layer >16<= 48 sq in
A6208 Contact layer > 48 sq in
A6209 Foam drsg <=16 sq in w/o bdr
A6210 Foam drg >16<=48 sq in w/o b
A6211 Foam drg > 48 sq in w/o brdr
A6212 Foam drg <=16 sq in w/border
A6213 Foam drg >16<=48 sq in w/bdr
A6214 Foam drg > 48 sq in w/border
A6215 Foam dressing wound filler
A6216 Non-sterile gauze<=16 sq in
A6217 Non-sterile gauze>16<=48 sq
A6218 Non-sterile gauze > 48 sq in
A6219 Gauze <= 16 sq in w/border
A6220 Gauze >16 <=48 sq in w/bordr
A6221 Gauze > 48 sq in w/border
A6222 Gauze <=16 in no w/sal w/o b
A6223 Gauze >16<=48 no w/sal w/o b
A6224 Gauze > 48 in no w/sal w/o b
A6228 Gauze <= 16 sq in water/sal
A6229 Gauze >16<=48 sq in watr/sal
A6230 Gauze > 48 sq in water/salne
A6231 Hydrogel dsg<=16 sq in
A6232 Hydrogel dsg>16<=48 sq in
A6233 Hydrogel dressing >48 sq in
A6234 Hydrocolld drg <=16 w/o bdr
A6235 Hydrocolld drg >16<=48 w/o b
A6236 Hydrocolld drg > 48 in w/o b
A6237 Hydrocolld drg <=16 in w/bdr
A6238 Hydrocolld drg >16<=48 w/bdr
A6239 Hydrocolld drg > 48 in w/bdr
A6240 Hydrocolld drg filler paste
A6241 Hydrocolloid drg filler dry
A6242 Hydrogel drg <=16 in w/o bdr
A6243 Hydrogel drg >16<=48 w/o bdr
A6244 Hydrogel drg >48 in w/o bdr
A6245 Hydrogel drg <= 16 in w/bdr
A6246 Hydrogel drg >16<=48 in w/b
A6247 Hydrogel drg > 48 sq in w/b
A6248 Hydrogel drsg gel filler
A6250 Skin seal protect moisturizr
A6251 Absorpt drg <=16 sq in w/o b
A6252 Absorpt drg >16 <=48 w/o bdr
A6253 Absorpt drg > 48 sq in w/o b
A6254 Absorpt drg <=16 sq in w/bdr
A6255 Absorpt drg >16<=48 in w/bdr
A6256 Absorpt drg > 48 sq in w/bdr
A6257 Transparent film <= 16 sq in
A6258 Transparent film >16<=48 in
A6259 Transparent film > 48 sq in
A6260 Wound cleanser any type/size
A6261 Wound filler gel/paste /oz
A6262 Wound filler dry form / gram
A6266 Impreg gauze no h20/sal/yard
A6402 Sterile gauze <= 16 sq in
A6403 Sterile gauze>16 <= 48 sq in
A6404 Sterile gauze > 48 sq in
A6407 Packing strips, non-impreg
A6410 Sterile eye pad
A6411 Non-sterile eye pad
A6412 Occlusive eye patch
A6413 Adhesive bandage, first-aid
A6441 Pad band w>=3" <5""/yd"
A6442 Conform band n/s w<3"/yd"
A6443 Conform band n/s w>=3"<5""/yd"
A6444 Conform band n/s w>=5"/yd"
A6445 Conform band s w <3"/yd"
A6446 Conform band s w>=3" <5""/yd"
A6447 Conform band s w >=5"/yd"
A6448 Lt compres band <3"/yd"
A6449 Lt compres band >=3" <5""/yd"
A6450 Lt compres band >=5"/yd"
A6451 Mod compres band w>=3"<5""/yd"
A6452 High compres band w>=3"<5""yd"
A6453 Self-adher band w <3"/yd"
A6454 Self-adher band w>=3" <5""/yd"
A6455 Self-adher band >=5"/yd"
A6456 Zinc paste band w >=3"<5""/yd"
A6457 Tubular dressing
A6460 Synthetic drsg <= 16 sq in
A6461 Synthetic drsg >16<=48 sq in
A6501 Compres burngarment bodysuit
A6502 Compres burngarment chinstrp
A6503 Compres burngarment facehood
A6504 Cmprsburngarment glove-wrist
A6505 Cmprsburngarment glove-elbow
A6506 Cmprsburngrmnt glove-axilla
A6507 Cmprs burngarment foot-knee
A6508 Cmprs burngarment foot-thigh
A6509 Compres burn garment jacket
A6510 Compres burn garment leotard
A6511 Compres burn garment panty
A6512 Compres burn garment, noc
A6513 Compress burn mask face/neck
A6530 Compression stocking bk18-30
A6531 Compression stocking bk30-40
A6532 Compression stocking bk40-50
A6533 Gc stocking thighlngth 18-30
A6534 Gc stocking thighlngth 30-40
A6535 Gc stocking thighlngth 40-50
A6536 Gc stocking full lngth 18-30
A6537 Gc stocking full lngth 30-40
A6538 Gc stocking full lngth 40-50
A6539 Gc stocking waistlngth 18-30
A6540 Gc stocking waistlngth 30-40
A6541 Gc stocking waistlngth 40-50
A6544 Gc stocking garter belt
A6545 Grad comp non-elastic bk
A6549 G compression stocking
A6550 Neg pres wound ther drsg set
A7000 Disposable canister for pump
A7001 Nondisposable pump canister
A7002 Tubing used w suction pump
A7003 Nebulizer administration set
A7004 Disposable nebulizer sml vol
A7005 Nondisposable nebulizer set
A7006 Filtered nebulizer admin set
A7007 Lg vol nebulizer disposable
A7008 Disposable nebulizer prefill
A7009 Nebulizer reservoir bottle
A7010 Disposable corrugated tubing
A7012 Nebulizer water collec devic
A7013 Disposable compressor filter
A7014 Compressor nondispos filter
A7015 Aerosol mask used w nebulize
A7016 Nebulizer dome & mouthpiece
A7017 Nebulizer not used w oxygen
A7018 Water distilled w/nebulizer
A7020 Interface, cough stim device
A7025 Replace chest compress vest
A7026 Replace chst cmprss sys hose
A7027 Combination oral/nasal mask
A7028 Repl oral cushion combo mask
A7029 Repl nasal pillow comb mask
A7030 Cpap full face mask
A7031 Replacement facemask interfa
A7032 Replacement nasal cushion
A7033 Replacement nasal pillows
A7034 Nasal application device
A7035 Pos airway press headgear
A7036 Pos airway press chinstrap
A7037 Pos airway pressure tubing
A7038 Pos airway pressure filter
A7039 Filter, non disposable w pap
A7040 One way chest drain valve
A7041 Water seal drain container
A7044 Pap oral interface
A7045 Repl exhalation port for pap
A7046 Repl water chamber, pap dev
A7047 Resp suction oral interface
A7048 Vacuum drain bottle/tube kit
A7501 Tracheostoma valve w diaphra
A7502 Replacement diaphragm/fplate
A7503 Hmes filter holder or cap
A7504 Tracheostoma hmes filter
A7505 Hmes or trach valve housing
A7506 Hmes/trachvalve adhesivedisk
A7507 Integrated filter & holder
A7508 Housing & integrated adhesiv
A7509 Heat & moisture exchange sys
A7520 Trach/laryn tube non-cuffed
A7521 Trach/laryn tube cuffed
A7522 Trach/laryn tube stainless
A7523 Tracheostomy shower protect
A7524 Tracheostoma stent/stud/bttn
A7525 Tracheostomy mask
A7526 Tracheostomy tube collar
A7527 Trach/laryn tube plug/stop
A8000 Soft protect helmet prefab
A8001 Hard protect helmet prefab
A8002 Soft protect helmet custom
A8003 Hard protect helmet custom
A8004 Repl soft interface, helmet
A9150 Misc/exper non-prescript dru
A9152 Single vitamin nos
A9153 Multi-vitamin nos
A9155 Artificial saliva
A9180 Lice treatment, topical
A9270 Non-covered item or service
A9272 Disp wound suct, drsg/access
A9273 Hot/cold botle/cap/col/wrap
A9274 Ext amb insulin delivery sys
A9275 Disp home glucose monitor
A9276 Disposable sensor, cgm sys
A9277 External transmitter, cgm
A9278 External receiver, cgm sys
A9279 Monitoring feature/devicenoc
A9280 Alert device, noc
A9281 Reaching/grabbing device
A9282 Wig any type
A9283 Foot press off load supp dev
A9284 Non-electronic spirometer
A9285 Inversion eversion cor devic
A9286 Any hygienic item, device
A9300 Exercise equipment
A9500 Tc99m sestamibi
A9501 Technetium tc-99m teboroxime
A9502 Tc99m tetrofosmin
A9503 Tc99m medronate
A9504 Tc99m apcitide
A9505 Tl201 thallium
A9507 In111 capromab
A9508 I131 iodobenguate, dx
A9509 Iodine i-123 sod iodide mil
A9510 Tc99m disofenin
A9512 Tc99m pertechnetate
A9513 Lutetium lu 177 dotatat ther
A9515 Choline c-11
A9516 Iodine i-123 sod iodide mic
A9517 I131 iodide cap, rx
A9520 Tc99 tilmanocept diag 0.5mci
A9521 Tc99m exametazime
A9524 I131 serum albumin, dx
A9526 Nitrogen n-13 ammonia
A9527 Iodine i-125 sodium iodide
A9528 Iodine i-131 iodide cap, dx
A9529 I131 iodide sol, dx
A9530 I131 iodide sol, rx
A9531 I131 max 100uci
A9532 I125 serum albumin, dx
A9536 Tc99m depreotide
A9537 Tc99m mebrofenin
A9538 Tc99m pyrophosphate
A9539 Tc99m pentetate
A9540 Tc99m maa
A9541 Tc99m sulfur colloid
A9542 In111 ibritumomab, dx
A9543 Y90 ibritumomab, rx
A9546 Co57/58
A9547 In111 oxyquinoline
A9548 In111 pentetate
A9550 Tc99m gluceptate
A9551 Tc99m succimer
A9552 F18 fdg
A9553 Cr51 chromate
A9554 I125 iothalamate, dx
A9555 Rb82 rubidium
A9556 Ga67 gallium
A9557 Tc99m bicisate
A9558 Xe133 xenon 10mci
A9559 Co57 cyano
A9560 Tc99m labeled rbc
A9561 Tc99m oxidronate
A9562 Tc99m mertiatide
A9563 P32 na phosphate
A9564 P32 chromic phosphate
A9566 Tc99m fanolesomab
A9567 Technetium tc-99m aerosol
A9568 Technetium tc99m arcitumomab
A9569 Technetium tc-99m auto wbc
A9570 Indium in-111 auto wbc
A9571 Indium in-111 auto platelet
A9572 Indium in-111 pentetreotide
A9575 Inj gadoterate meglumi 0.1ml
A9576 Inj prohance multipack
A9577 Inj multihance
A9578 Inj multihance multipack
A9579 Gad-base mr contrast nos,1ml
A9580 Sodium fluoride f-18
A9581 Gadoxetate disodium inj
A9582 Iodine i-123 iobenguane
A9583 Gadofosveset trisodium inj
A9584 Iodine i-123 ioflupane
A9585 Gadobutrol injection
A9586 Florbetapir f18
A9587 Gallium ga-68
A9588 Fluciclovine f-18
A9589 Insti hexaminolevulinate hcl
A9590 Iodine i-131 iobenguane 1mci
A9597 Pet, dx, for tumor id, noc
A9598 Pet dx for non-tumor id, noc
A9600 Sr89 strontium
A9604 Sm 153 lexidronam
A9606 Radium ra223 dichloride ther
A9698 Non-rad contrast materialnoc
A9699 Radiopharm rx agent noc
A9700 Echocardiography contrast
A9900 Supply/accessory/service
A9901 Delivery/set up/dispensing
A9999 Dme supply or accessory, nos