G Codes

G0008 Admin influenza virus vac
G0009 Admin pneumococcal vaccine
G0010 Admin hepatitis b vaccine
G0027 Semen analysis
G0068 Adm of infusion drug in home
G0069 Adm of immune drug in home
G0070 Adm of chemo drug in home
G0071 Comm svcs by rhc/fqhc 5 min
G0076 Care manag h vst new pt 20 m
G0077 Care manag h vst new pt 30 m
G0078 Care manag h vst new pt 45 m
G0079 Care manag h vst new pt 60 m
G0080 Care manag h vst new pt 75 m
G0081 Care man h v ext pt 20 mi
G0082 Care man h v ext pt 30 m
G0083 Care man h v ext pt 45 m
G0084 Care man h v ext pt 60 m
G0085 Care man h v ext pt 75 m
G0086 Care man home care plan 30 m
G0087 Care man home care plan 60 m
G0101 Ca screen;pelvic/breast exam
G0102 Prostate ca screening; dre
G0103 Psa screening
G0104 Ca screen;flexi sigmoidscope
G0105 Colorectal scrn; hi risk ind
G0106 Colon ca screen;barium enema
G0108 Diab manage trn per indiv
G0109 Diab manage trn ind/group
G0117 Glaucoma scrn hgh risk direc
G0118 Glaucoma scrn hgh risk direc
G0120 Colon ca scrn; barium enema
G0121 Colon ca scrn not hi rsk ind
G0122 Colon ca scrn; barium enema
G0123 Screen cerv/vag thin layer
G0124 Screen c/v thin layer by md
G0127 Trim nail(s)
G0128 Corf skilled nursing service
G0129 Partial hosp prog service
G0130 Single energy x-ray study
G0141 Scr c/v cyto,autosys and md
G0143 Scr c/v cyto,thinlayer,rescr
G0144 Scr c/v cyto,thinlayer,rescr
G0145 Scr c/v cyto,thinlayer,rescr
G0147 Scr c/v cyto, automated sys
G0148 Scr c/v cyto, autosys, rescr
G0151 Hhcp-serv of pt,ea 15 min
G0152 Hhcp-serv of ot,ea 15 min
G0153 Hhcp-svs of s/l path,ea 15mn
G0155 Hhcp-svs of csw,ea 15 min
G0156 Hhcp-svs of aide,ea 15 min
G0157 Hhc pt assistant ea 15
G0158 Hhc ot assistant ea 15
G0159 Hhc pt maint ea 15 min
G0160 Hhc occup therapy ea 15
G0161 Hhc slp ea 15 min
G0162 Hhc rn e&m plan svs, 15 min
G0166 Extrnl counterpulse, per tx
G0168 Wound closure by adhesive
G0175 Opps service,sched team conf
G0176 Opps/php;activity therapy
G0177 Opps/php; train & educ serv
G0179 Md recertification hha pt
G0180 Md certification hha patient
G0181 Home health care supervision
G0182 Hospice care supervision
G0186 Dstry eye lesn,fdr vssl tech
G0219 Pet img wholbod melano nonco
G0235 Pet not otherwise specified
G0237 Therapeutic procd strg endur
G0238 Oth resp proc, indiv
G0239 Oth resp proc, group
G0245 Initial foot exam pt lops
G0246 Followup eval of foot pt lop
G0247 Routine footcare pt w lops
G0248 Demonstrate use home inr mon
G0249 Provide inr test mater/equip
G0250 Md inr test revie inter mgmt
G0252 Pet imaging initial dx
G0255 Current percep threshold tst
G0257 Unsched dialysis esrd pt hos
G0259 Inject for sacroiliac joint
G0260 Inj for sacroiliac jt anesth
G0268 Removal of impacted wax md
G0269 Occlusive device in vein art
G0270 Mnt subs tx for change dx
G0271 Group mnt 2 or more 30 mins
G0276 Pild/placebo control clin tr
G0277 Hbot, full body chamber, 30m
G0278 Iliac art angio,cardiac cath
G0279 Tomosynthesis, mammo
G0281 Elec stim unattend for press
G0282 Elect stim wound care not pd
G0283 Elec stim other than wound
G0288 Recon, cta for surg plan
G0289 Arthro, loose body + chondro
G0293 Non-cov surg proc,clin trial
G0294 Non-cov proc, clinical trial
G0295 Electromagnetic therapy onc
G0296 Visit to determ ldct elig
G0297 Ldct for lung ca screen
G0299 Hhs/hospice of rn ea 15 min
G0300 Hhs/hospice of lpn ea 15 min
G0302 Pre-op service lvrs complete
G0303 Pre-op service lvrs 10-15dos
G0304 Pre-op service lvrs 1-9 dos
G0305 Post op service lvrs min 6
G0306 Cbc/diffwbc w/o platelet
G0307 Cbc without platelet
G0328 Fecal blood scrn immunoassay
G0329 Electromagntic tx for ulcers
G0333 Dispense fee initial 30 day
G0337 Hospice evaluation preelecti
G0339 Robot lin-radsurg com, first
G0340 Robt lin-radsurg fractx 2-5
G0341 Percutaneous islet celltrans
G0342 Laparoscopy islet cell trans
G0343 Laparotomy islet cell transp
G0372 Md service required for pmd
G0378 Hospital observation per hr
G0379 Direct refer hospital observ
G0380 Lev 1 hosp type b ed visit
G0381 Lev 2 hosp type b ed visit
G0382 Lev 3 hosp type b ed visit
G0383 Lev 4 hosp type b ed visit
G0384 Lev 5 hosp type b ed visit
G0390 Trauma respons w/hosp criti
G0396 Alcohol/subs interv 15-30mn
G0397 Alcohol/subs interv >30 min
G0398 Home sleep test/type 2 porta
G0399 Home sleep test/type 3 porta
G0400 Home sleep test/type 4 porta
G0402 Initial preventive exam
G0403 Ekg for initial prevent exam
G0404 Ekg tracing for initial prev
G0405 Ekg interpret & report preve
G0406 Inpt/tele follow up 15
G0407 Inpt/tele follow up 25
G0408 Inpt/tele follow up 35
G0409 Corf related serv 15 mins ea
G0410 Grp psych partial hosp 45-50
G0411 Inter active grp psych parti
G0412 Open tx iliac spine uni/bil
G0413 Pelvic ring fracture uni/bil
G0414 Pelvic ring fx treat int fix
G0415 Open tx post pelvic fxcture
G0416 Prostate biopsy, any mthd
G0420 Ed svc ckd ind per session
G0421 Ed svc ckd grp per session
G0422 Intens cardiac rehab w/exerc
G0423 Intens cardiac rehab no exer
G0424 Pulmonary rehab w exer
G0425 Inpt/ed teleconsult30
G0426 Inpt/ed teleconsult50
G0427 Inpt/ed teleconsult70
G0428 Collagen meniscus implant
G0429 Dermal filler injection(s)
G0432 Eia hiv-1/hiv-2 screen
G0433 Elisa hiv-1/hiv-2 screen
G0435 Oral hiv-1/hiv-2 screen
G0438 Ppps, initial visit
G0439 Ppps, subseq visit
G0442 Annual alcohol screen 15 min
G0443 Brief alcohol misuse counsel
G0444 Depression screen annual
G0445 High inten beh couns std 30m
G0446 Intens behave ther cardio dx
G0447 Behavior counsel obesity 15m
G0448 Place perm pacing cardiovert
G0451 Devlopment test interpt&rep
G0452 Molecular pathology interpr
G0453 Cont intraop neuro monitor
G0454 Md document visit by npp
G0455 Fecal microbiota prep instil
G0458 Ldr prostate brachy comp rat
G0459 Telehealth inpt pharm mgmt
G0460 Autologous prp for ulcers
G0463 Hospital outpt clinic visit
G0466 Fqhc visit new patient
G0467 Fqhc visit, estab pt
G0468 Fqhc visit, ippe or awv
G0469 Fqhc visit, mh new pt
G0470 Fqhc visit, mh estab pt
G0471 Ven blood coll snf/hha
G0472 Hep c screen high risk/other
G0473 Group behave couns 2-10
G0475 Hiv combination assay
G0476 Hpv combo assay ca screen
G0480 Drug test def 1-7 classes
G0481 Drug test def 8-14 classes
G0482 Drug test def 15-21 classes
G0483 Drug test def 22+ classes
G0490 Home visit rn, lpn by rhc/fq
G0491 Dialysis acu kidney no esrd
G0492 Md/oth eval acut kid no esrd
G0493 Rn care ea 15 min hh/hospice
G0494 Lpn care ea 15min hh/hospice
G0495 Rn care train/edu in hh
G0496 Lpn care train/edu in hh
G0498 Chemo extend iv infus w/pump
G0499 Hepb screen high risk indiv
G0500 Mod sedat endo service >5yrs
G0501 Resource-inten svc during ov
G0506 Comp asses care plan ccm svc
G0508 Crit care telehea consult 60
G0509 Crit care telehea consult 50
G0511 Ccm/bhi by rhc/fqhc 20min mo
G0512 Cocm by rhc/fqhc 60 min mo
G0513 Prolong prev svcs, first 30m
G0514 Prolong prev svcs, addl 30m
G0516 Insert drug del implant, >=4
G0517 Remove drug implant
G0518 Remove w insert drug implant
G0659 Drug test def simple all cl
G0913 Improve visual funct
G0914 Survey not complete
G0915 No improve visual funct
G0916 Satisfy with care
G0917 Satisfy survey not complete
G0918 No satisfy with care
G1000 Cdsm applied pathways
G1001 Cdsm evicore
G1002 Cdsm medcurrent
G1003 Cdsm medicalis
G1004 Cdsm ndsc
G1005 Cdsm nia
G1006 Cdsm test approp
G1007 Cdsm aim
G1008 Cdsm cranberry pk
G1009 Cdsm sage health
G1010 Cdsm stanson
G1011 Cdsm qualified nos
G2000 Blinded conv. tx mdd clin tr
G2001 Post d/c h vst new pt 20 m
G2002 Post-d/c h vst new pt 30 m
G2003 Post-d/c h vst new pt 45 m
G2004 Post-d/c h vst new pt 60 m
G2005 Post-d/c h vst new pt 75 m
G2006 Post-d/c h vst ext pt 20 m
G2007 Post-d/c h vst ext pt 30 m
G2008 Post-d/c h vst ext pt 45 m
G2009 Post-d/c h vst ext pt 60 m
G2010 Remot image submit by pt
G2011 Alcohol/sub abuse assess
G2012 Brief check in by md/qhp
G2013 Post-d/c h vst ext pt 75 m
G2014 Post-d/c care plan overs 30m
G2015 Post-d/c care plan overs 60m
G2021 Hea care pract tx in place
G2022 Benef refuses service, mod
G2058 Ccm add 20min
G2061 Qual nonmd est pt 5-10m
G2062 Qual nonmd est pt 11-20m
G2063 Qual nonmd est pt 21>min
G2064 Md mang high risk dx 30
G2065 Clin mang h risk dx 30
G2066 Inter devc remote 30d
G2067 Med assist tx meth wk
G2068 Med assist tx bupre oral
G2069 Med assist tx inject
G2070 Med assist tx implant
G2071 Med tx remove implant
G2072 Med tx insert/remove imp
G2073 Med tx naltrexone
G2074 Med assist tx no drug
G2075 Med tx meds nos
G2076 Intake act w/med exam
G2077 Periodic assessment
G2078 Take-home meth
G2079 Take-hom buprenorphine
G2080 Add 30 mins counsel
G2081 Pt 66+ snp or ltc pos > 90d
G2082 Visit esketamine 56m or less
G2083 Visit esketamine, > 56m
G2086 Off base opioid tx 70min
G2087 Off base opioid tx, 60 m
G2088 Off base opioid tx, add30
G2089 A1c level 7 to 9%
G2090 Pt 66+ frailty and med dem
G2091 Pt 66+ frailty and adv ill
G2092 Ace arb arni
G2093 Med doc rsn no ace arn arni
G2094 Pt rsn no ace arn arni
G2095 Sys rsn no ace arn arni
G2096 No rsn ace arb arni
G2097 Child dx uri 3d of other dx
G2098 Pt 66+ frailty and med dem
G2099 Pt 66+ frailty and adv ill
G2100 Pt 66+ frailty and med dem
G2101 Pt 66+ frailty and adv ill
G2102 Dil retinal eye exam
G2103 7 stereo photos interpret
G2104 Eye img valid w/7 stereo
G2105 Pt 66+ lt ints > 90
G2106 Pt 66+ lt ints > 90
G2107 Pt 66+ frailty and adv ill
G2108 Pt 66+ lt ints > 90
G2109 Pt 66+ frailty and med dem
G2110 Pt 66+ frailty and adv ill
G2112 Pred<=5 mg ra glu <6m
G2113 Pred>5 mg >6m, no chg da
G2114 Pt 66-80 frailty and med dem
G2115 Pt 66+ frailty and med dem
G2116 Pt 66+ frailty and adv ill
G2117 Pt 66-80 frailty and adv ill
G2118 Pt 81+ frailty
G2119 Calc vitd opt
G2120 No calc vitd opt
G2121 Psy dep anx ap and icd asse
G2122 Psy/dep/anx/apandicd noasse
G2123 Pt 66-80 frailty med dem
G2124 Pt 66-80 frailty adv ill
G2125 Pt 81+ frailty
G2126 Pt 66+ frailty adv ill
G2127 Pt 66+ frailty med dem
G2128 No aspirin med rsn
G2129 No bp outpt
G2130 Pt 66+ lt inst > 90
G2131 Pt 81+ frailty
G2132 Pt 66-80 frailty and med dem
G2133 Pt 66-80 frailty and adv ill
G2134 Pt 66+ frailty and med dem
G2135 Pt 66+ frailty and adv ill
G2136 Bk pain vas 6-20wk = 3
G2137 Bk pain vas 6-20wk > 3
G2138 Bk pain vas 9-15mo = 3
G2139 Bk pain vas 9-20mo > 3
G2140 Leg pain vas 6-20wk = 3
G2141 Leg pain vas 6-20wk > 3
G2142 Fs odi 9-15mo postop<= 22
G2143 Fs odi 9-15mo > 22
G2144 Fs odi 6-20wk postop > 22
G2145 Fsodi 6-20wk >22 or chg 30pt
G2146 Leg pain vas 9-15mo <= 3
G2147 Leg pain vas 9-15mo > 3
G2148 Mpm used
G2149 No mpm med rsn
G2150 No mpm
G2151 Dx degen neuro
G2152 Res change sc =0
G2153 Hosp dur meas pd
G2154 Td 9 yrs start end meas
G2155 Hist contraindications
G2156 No prior td or hx contra
G2157 Pneum vacc 12 mo 60+
G2158 Pneum vacc adv rx
G2159 No pneum vacc 12 mo 60+
G2160 Herpzos 50+
G2161 Adv rx zos
G2162 No herpzos 50+
G2163 Infl vacc 07/01 to 06/30
G2164 Adv rx infl vacc
G2165 No infl vacc 07/01 to 06/30
G2166 No pt adm dx no neck fs prom
G2167 Res change sc < 0
G6001 Echo guidance radiotherapy
G6002 Stereoscopic x-ray guidance
G6003 Radiation treatment delivery
G6004 Radiation treatment delivery
G6005 Radiation treatment delivery
G6006 Radiation treatment delivery
G6007 Radiation treatment delivery
G6008 Radiation treatment delivery
G6009 Radiation treatment delivery
G6010 Radiation treatment delivery
G6011 Radiation treatment delivery
G6012 Radiation treatment delivery
G6013 Radiation treatment delivery
G6014 Radiation treatment delivery
G6015 Radiation tx delivery imrt
G6016 Delivery comp imrt
G6017 Intrafraction track motion
G8395 Lvef>=40% doc normal or mild
G8396 Lvef not performed
G8397 Dil macula/fundus exam/w doc
G8398 Dil macular/fundus not perfo
G8399 Pt w/dxa results document
G8400 Pt w/dxa no results doc
G8404 Low extemity neur exam docum
G8405 Low extemity neur not perfor
G8410 Eval on foot documented
G8415 Eval on foot not performed
G8416 Pt inelig footwear evaluatio
G8417 Calc bmi abv up param f/u
G8418 Calc bmi blw low param f/u
G8419 Calc bmi out nrm param nof/u
G8420 Calc bmi norm parameters
G8421 Bmi not calculated
G8422 Pt inelig bmi calculation
G8427 Docrev cur meds by elig clin
G8428 Cur meds not document
G8430 Ec at doc medrec pt not elig
G8431 Pos clin depres scrn f/u doc
G8432 Dep scr not doc, rng
G8433 Scr for dep not cpt doc rsn
G8442 Doc pain as nt perf, not elg
G8450 Beta-bloc rx pt w/abn lvef
G8451 Pt w/abn lvef inelig b-bloc
G8452 Pt w/abn lvef b-bloc no rx
G8465 High risk recurrence pro ca
G8473 Ace/arb thxpy rx'd
G8474 Ace/arb not rx'd; doc reas
G8475 Ace/arb thxpy not rx'd
G8476 Bp sys <140 and dias <90
G8477 Bp sys>=140 and/or dias >=90
G8478 Bp not performed/doc
G8482 Flu immunize order/admin
G8483 Flu imm no admin doc rea
G8484 Flu immunize no admin
G8506 Pt rec ace/arb
G8509 Pos pain assess no f/u doc
G8510 Scr dep neg, no plan reqd
G8511 Scr dep pos, no plan doc rng
G8535 Eld maltreatment not doc
G8536 No doc elder mal scrn
G8539 Doc funct and care plan
G8540 Foa not doc as being perf
G8541 No doc cur funct assess
G8542 Doc funct no deficiencies
G8543 Cur funct asses; no care pln
G8559 Pt ref doc oto eval
G8560 Pt hx act drain prev 90 days
G8561 Pt inelig for ref oto eval
G8562 Pt no hx act drain 90 d
G8563 Pt no ref oto reas no spec
G8564 Pt ref oto eval
G8565 Ver doc hear loss
G8566 Pt inelig ref oto eval
G8567 Pt no doc hear loss
G8568 Pt no ref otolo no spec
G8569 Prol intubation req
G8570 No prol intub req
G8571 Ster wd ifx 30 d postop
G8572 No ster wd ifx
G8573 Stk cabg
G8574 No strk cabg
G8575 Postop ren fail
G8576 No postop ren fail
G8577 Reop req bld grft oth
G8578 No reop req bld grft oth
G8598 Asa/antiplat ther used
G8599 No asa/antiplat ther use rng
G8600 Tpa initi w/in 3 hrs
G8601 No elig tpa init w/in 3 hrs
G8602 No tpa init w/in 3 hrs
G8627 Surg proc w/in 30 days
G8628 No surg proc w/in 30 days
G8633 Pharm ther osteo rx
G8635 No pharm ther osteo rx
G8647 Rafscrs ki scor >= 0
G8648 Rafscrs ki scor < 0
G8650 Rafs crs ki no scor no surv
G8651 Rafscrs hi scor >=0
G8652 Rafscrs hi scor < 0
G8654 Rafs crs hi no scor no surv
G8655 Rafscrs llfai scor >= 0
G8656 Rafscrs llfai scor < 0
G8658 Rafscrs llfai no scor + surv
G8659 Rafscrs lbi scor >= 0
G8660 Rafscrs lbi scor < 0
G8661 Rafscrs lbi no scor
G8662 Rafs crs lbi no scor no surv
G8663 Rafscrs si scor >= 0
G8664 Rafscrs si scor < 0
G8666 Rafs crs si no scor no surv
G8667 Rafscrs ewh scor >= 0
G8668 Rafscrs ewh scor < 0
G8670 Rafs crs ewh no scor no surv
G8671 Rafscrs goi scor >= 0
G8672 Rafscrs goi scor < 0
G8674 Rafscrs neck, no msr/no foto
G8694 Lvef <40%
G8708 Antibiotic not pres
G8709 Pt presc doc med rsn id uri
G8710 Pt pres antibiotic
G8711 Pres antibiotic
G8712 Not pres antibiotic
G8721 Pt, pn, hist grade doc
G8722 Med reas pt, pn, not doc
G8723 Spec sit not prim tumor
G8724 Pt, pn, hist grade not doc
G8730 Pain doc pos and plan
G8731 Pain neg no plan
G8732 No doc of pain
G8733 Doc pos elder mal scrn plan
G8734 Doc neg elder mal no plan
G8735 Eld mal scrn pos no plan
G8749 No signs melanoma
G8752 Sys bp less 140
G8753 Sys bp > or = 140
G8754 Dias bp less 90
G8755 Dias bp > or = 90
G8756 No bp measure doc
G8783 Bp scrn perf rec interval
G8785 Bp scrn no perf at interval
G8797 Specimen site not esophagus
G8798 Specimen site not prostate
G8806 Perf ultrsnd to lct preg doc
G8807 No ta tv ultrasnd
G8808 Ultrasound not perf, rng
G8809 Rh-immunoglobulin order
G8810 Doc reas no rh-immuno
G8811 No rh-immunoglobulin order
G8815 Doc reas no statin therapy
G8816 Statin med pres at disch
G8817 Doc reas no statin med disch
G8818 Pt disch to home by day#7
G8825 Pt not disch to home day#7
G8826 Pt disch home day #2 evar
G8833 Pt not disch home day#2 evar
G8834 Pt disch home day #2 cea
G8838 Not disch home by day #2
G8839 Sleep apnea assess
G8840 Doc reas no sleep apnea
G8841 No sleep apnea assess
G8842 Ahi or rdi initial dx
G8843 Doc reas no ahi or rdi
G8844 No ahi or rdi initial dx
G8845 Pos airway press prescribed
G8846 Mod or severe osa
G8849 Doc reas no pos air press
G8850 No pap prescribed
G8851 Adhere pos air press therapy
G8852 Pos air press prescribe
G8854 Reas no adhere pos air pres
G8855 Pos air press adhere no perf
G8856 Ref for oto eval
G8857 No elig ref for oto eval
G8858 Not ref for oto eval
G8863 No assess bone loss
G8864 Pneumococcal vaccine admin
G8865 Doc med reas no pneumococcal
G8866 Doc pt reas no pneumococcal
G8867 No pneumococcal admin
G8869 Doc immune hep b antitnf
G8872 Intraop image confirm excise
G8873 Specimen not intraop image
G8874 Tissue not image intraop
G8875 Breast cancer dx min invsive
G8876 Doc reas no min inv dx
G8877 No brst cncr dx min invasive
G8878 Sent lymph node biopsy
G8880 Sen lym p node biop not perf
G8881 Brst cncr stage > t1n0m0
G8882 No sent lymph node biopsy
G8883 Rev, comm, track, doc biopsy
G8884 Doc reas biopsy not review
G8885 No rev, comm, track biopsy
G8907 Pt doc no events on discharg
G8908 Pt doc w burn prior to d/c
G8909 Pt doc no burn prior to d/c
G8910 Pt doc to have fall in asc
G8911 Pt doc no fall in asc
G8912 Pt doc with wrong event
G8913 Pt doc no wrong event
G8914 Pt trans to hosp post d/c
G8915 Pt not trans to hosp at d/c
G8916 Pt w iv ab given on time
G8917 Pt w iv ab not given on time
G8918 Pt w/o preop order iv ab pro
G8923 Lvef < 40% or lvsd
G8924 Spir fev1/fvc<70%,fev<60%
G8925 Spir fev1/fvc>=60% & no copd
G8926 Spiro no perf or doc
G8934 Lvef <40% or dep lv sys fcn
G8935 Rx ace or arb therapy
G8936 Pt not eligible ace/arb
G8937 No rx ace/arb therapy
G8938 Bmi doc onl fup nt doc
G8939 Pain as doc positive, no f/u
G8941 Eld maltreatment doc as pos
G8942 Doc fcn/care plan w/30 days
G8944 Ajcc mel cnr stg 0 - iic
G8946 Mibm but no dx of breast ca
G8950 Pre-htn or htn doc, f/u indc
G8952 Pre-htn/htn, no f/u, not gvn
G8955 Most recent assess vol mgmt
G8956 Pt rcv hedia outpt dyls fac
G8958 Assess vol mgmt not doc
G8959 Clin tx mdd comm to tx clin
G8960 Clin tx mdd not comm
G8961 Csit lowrisk surg pts preop
G8962 Csit on pt any reas 30 days
G8963 Csi per asx pt w/pci 2 yrs
G8964 Csi any other than pci 2 yr
G8965 Csit perf on low chd rsk
G8966 Csit perf sx or high chd rsk
G8967 Warf or other fda drug presc
G8968 Doc med not presb
G8969 Doc pt rsn no presc warf/fda
G8970 No rsk fac or 1 mod risk te
G8973 Mst rcnt hbb < 10g/dl
G8974 Hgb not doc rns not gvn
G8975 Hgb <10g/dl, med rsn
G8976 Hgb >= 10 g/dl
G9001 Mccd, initial rate
G9002 Mccd,maintenance rate
G9003 Mccd, risk adj hi, initial
G9004 Mccd, risk adj lo, initial
G9005 Mccd, risk adj, maintenance
G9006 Mccd, home monitoring
G9007 Mccd, sch team conf
G9008 Mccd,phys coor-care ovrsght
G9009 Mccd, risk adj, level 3
G9010 Mccd, risk adj, level 4
G9011 Mccd, risk adj, level 5
G9012 Other specified case mgmt
G9013 Esrd demo bundle level i
G9014 Esrd demo bundle-level ii
G9016 Demo-smoking cessation coun
G9050 Oncology work-up evaluation
G9051 Oncology tx decision-mgmt
G9052 Onc surveillance for disease
G9053 Onc expectant management pt
G9054 Onc supervision palliative
G9055 Onc visit unspecified nos
G9056 Onc prac mgmt adheres guide
G9057 Onc pract mgmt differs trial
G9058 Onc prac mgmt disagree w/gui
G9059 Onc prac mgmt pt opt alterna
G9060 Onc prac mgmt dif pt comorb
G9061 Onc prac cond noadd by guide
G9062 Onc prac guide differs nos
G9063 Onc dx nsclc stgi no progres
G9064 Onc dx nsclc stg2 no progres
G9065 Onc dx nsclc stg3a no progre
G9066 Onc dx nsclc stg3b-4 metasta
G9067 Onc dx nsclc dx unknown nos
G9068 Onc dx sclc/nsclc limited
G9069 Onc dx sclc/nsclc ext at dx
G9070 Onc dx sclc/nsclc ext unknwn
G9071 Onc dx brst stg1-2b hr,nopro
G9072 Onc dx brst stg1-2 noprogres
G9073 Onc dx brst stg3-hr, no pro
G9074 Onc dx brst stg3-noprogress
G9075 Onc dx brst metastic/ recur
G9077 Onc dx prostate t1no progres
G9078 Onc dx prostate t2no progres
G9079 Onc dx prostate t3b-t4noprog
G9080 Onc dx prostate w/rise psa
G9083 Onc dx prostate unknwn nos
G9084 Onc dx colon t1-3,n1-2,no pr
G9085 Onc dx colon t4, n0 w/o prog
G9086 Onc dx colon t1-4 no dx prog
G9087 Onc dx colon metas evid dx
G9088 Onc dx colon metas noevid dx
G9089 Onc dx colon extent unknown
G9090 Onc dx rectal t1-2 no progr
G9091 Onc dx rectal t3 n0 no prog
G9092 Onc dx rectal t1-3,n1-2noprg
G9093 Onc dx rectal t4,n,m0 no prg
G9094 Onc dx rectal m1 w/mets prog
G9095 Onc dx rectal extent unknwn
G9096 Onc dx esophag t1-t3 noprog
G9097 Onc dx esophageal t4 no prog
G9098 Onc dx esophageal mets recur
G9099 Onc dx esophageal unknown
G9100 Onc dx gastric no recurrence
G9101 Onc dx gastric p r1-r2noprog
G9102 Onc dx gastric unresectable
G9103 Onc dx gastric recurrent
G9104 Onc dx gastric unknown nos
G9105 Onc dx pancreatc p r0 res no
G9106 Onc dx pancreatc p r1/r2 no
G9107 Onc dx pancreatic unresectab
G9108 Onc dx pancreatic unknwn nos
G9109 Onc dx head/neck t1-t2no prg
G9110 Onc dx head/neck t3-4 noprog
G9111 Onc dx head/neck m1 mets rec
G9112 Onc dx head/neck ext unknown
G9113 Onc dx ovarian stg1a-b no pr
G9114 Onc dx ovarian stg1a-b or 2
G9115 Onc dx ovarian stg3/4 noprog
G9116 Onc dx ovarian recurrence
G9117 Onc dx ovarian unknown nos
G9123 Onc dx cml chronic phase
G9124 Onc dx cml acceler phase
G9125 Onc dx cml blast phase
G9126 Onc dx cml remission
G9128 Onc dx multi myeloma stage i
G9129 Onc dx mult myeloma stg2 hig
G9130 Onc dx multi myeloma unknown
G9131 Onc dx brst unknown nos
G9132 Onc dx prostate mets no cast
G9133 Onc dx prostate clinical met
G9134 Onc nhlstg 1-2 no relap no
G9135 Onc dx nhl stg 3-4 not relap
G9136 Onc dx nhl trans to lg bcell
G9137 Onc dx nhl relapse/refractor
G9138 Onc dx nhl stg unknown
G9139 Onc dx cml dx status unknown
G9140 Frontier extended stay demo
G9143 Warfarin respon genetic test
G9147 Outpt iv insulin tx any mea
G9148 Medical home level 1
G9149 Medical home level ii
G9150 Medical home level iii
G9151 Mapcp demo state
G9152 Mapcp demo community
G9153 Mapcp demo physician
G9156 Evaluation for wheelchair
G9157 Transesoph doppl cardiac mon
G9187 Bpci home visit
G9188 Beta not given no reason
G9189 Beta pres or already taking
G9190 Medical reason for no beta
G9191 Pt reason for no beta
G9192 System reason for no beta
G9196 Med reason for no ceph
G9197 Order for ceph
G9198 No order for ceph no reason
G9212 Doc of dsm-iv init eval
G9213 No doc of dsm-iv
G9223 Pjp proph ordered cd4 low
G9225 Norsn no foot exam
G9226 3 comp foot exam completed
G9227 Foa doc, care plan not doc
G9228 Gc chl syp documented
G9229 Ptrsn no gc chl syp test
G9230 Norsn for gc chl syp test
G9231 Doc esrd dia trans preg
G9232 Ptrsn no comm comorbid
G9239 Doc rsn hemod & cath acc
G9240 Doc pt w cath maint dia
G9241 Doc pt w out cath maint dia
G9242 Doc viral load >=200
G9243 Doc viral load <200
G9246 No med visit in 24mo
G9247 1 med visit in 24mo
G9250 Doc of pain comfort 48hr
G9251 Doc no pain comfort 48hr
G9254 Doc pt dischg >2d
G9255 Doc pt dischg <=2d
G9256 Doc of pat death after cas
G9257 Doc of pat stroke after cas
G9258 Doc of pat stroke after cea
G9259 Survive/no stroke post cas
G9260 Doc of pat death after cea
G9261 Survive/no stroke post cea
G9262 Doc of death post-aaa repair
G9263 Doc of disch post-aaa repair
G9264 Doc rsn hemod w/cath >=90d
G9265 Doc cath >90d for maint dia
G9266 Norsn pt cath >=90d
G9267 Doc comp or mort w in 30d
G9268 Doc comp or mort w in 90d
G9269 Doc no comp or mort w in 30d
G9270 Doc no comp or mort w in 90d
G9273 Sys<140 and dia<90
G9274 Bp out of nrml limits
G9275 Doc of non tobacco user
G9276 Doc of tobacco user
G9277 Doc daily aspirin or contra
G9278 Doc no daily aspirin
G9279 Pne scrn done doc vac done
G9280 Pne not given norsn
G9281 Pne scrn done doc not ind
G9282 Doc medrsn no histo type
G9283 Hist type doc on report
G9284 No hist type doc on report
G9285 Site not small cell lung ca
G9286 Antibio rx w in 10d of sympt
G9287 No antibio w in 10d of sympt
G9288 Doc medrsn no hist type rpt
G9289 Doc type nsm lung ca
G9290 No doc type nsm lung ca
G9291 Not nsm lung ca
G9292 Medrsn no pt category
G9293 No pt category on report
G9294 Pt cat and thck on report
G9295 Non cutaneous loc
G9296 Doc share dec prior proc
G9297 No doc share dec prior proc
G9298 Eval risk vte card 30d prior
G9299 No eval riskk vte card prior
G9300 Doc medrsn no compl antibio
G9301 Doc compl inf antibio
G9302 Norsn incomp inf antibio
G9303 Norsn no pros info op rpt
G9304 Pros info op rpt
G9305 No interv req for leak
G9306 Interv req for leak
G9307 No ret for surg w in 30d
G9308 Unpl ret or w/compl w/in 30d
G9309 No unplnd hosp readm in 30d
G9310 Unplnd hosp readm in 30d
G9311 No surg site infection
G9312 Surgical site infection
G9313 Amoxic not presc as 1st line
G9314 Norsn not first line amox
G9315 Doc first line amox
G9316 Doc comm risk calc
G9317 No doc comm risk calc
G9318 Image std nomenclature
G9319 Image not std nomenclature
G9321 Doc count of ct in 12mo
G9322 No doc count of ct in 12mo
G9326 Ct done no rad ds index, nrg
G9327 Ct done rad ds index
G9329 Norsn no dicom format doc
G9340 Dicom format doc on rpt
G9341 Srch for ct w in 12 mos
G9342 No srch for ct in 12mo norsn
G9344 Sysrsn no dicom srch
G9345 Follow up pulm nod
G9347 No follow up pulm nod norsn
G9348 Doc rsn for ord ct scan
G9349 Ct within 28 days
G9350 No doc sinus ct 28d or dx
G9351 Doc >1 sinus ct w 90d dx
G9352 Not >1 sinus ct w 90d dx
G9353 Medrsn >1 sinus ct w 90d dx
G9354 1 or no ct sinus w/in 90d dx
G9355 No early ind/delivery
G9356 Early ind/delivery
G9357 Pp eval/edu perf
G9358 Pp eval/edu not perf
G9359 Neg mgd pos tb notact
G9360 No doc of neg or man pos tb
G9361 Doc rsn elect c-sec/induct
G9364 Sinus caus bac inx
G9365 1high risk med ord
G9366 1high risk no ord
G9367 >= 2 same hi-rsk med ord
G9368 >= 2 same hi-rsk med not ord
G9380 Off assis eol iss
G9382 No off assis eol
G9383 Recd scrn hcv infec
G9384 Doc med rsn no hcv scrn
G9385 Doc pt reas not rec hcv srn
G9386 Scrn hcv infec not recd
G9389 Unpln rup post cap
G9390 No unpln rup post cap
G9393 Ini phq9 >9 remiss <5
G9394 Dx bipol, death, nhres, hosp
G9395 Ini phq9 >9 no remiss >=5
G9396 Ini phq9 >9 not assess
G9399 Doc disc tx choices
G9400 Doc reas no disc tx opt
G9401 No disc tx choices
G9402 Recd f/u w/in 30d disch
G9403 Doc reas no 30 day f/u
G9404 No 30 day f/u
G9405 Recd f/u w/in 7d dc
G9406 Doc reas no 7d f/u
G9407 No 7d f/u
G9408 Card tamp w/in 30d
G9409 No card tamp e/in 30d
G9410 Admit w/in 180d req remov
G9411 No admit w/in 180d req remov
G9412 Admit w/in 180d req surg rev
G9413 No admit req surg rev
G9414 1dose menig vac btwn 11 & 13
G9415 No 1dose meni vac btwn 11&13
G9416 Pt 1 tdap betw 10-13 yrs
G9417 Pt not 1 tdap betw 10-13 yrs
G9418 Lungcx bx rpt docs class
G9419 Med reas not incl histo type
G9420 Spec site no lung
G9421 Lung cx bx rpt no doc class
G9422 Rpt doc class histo type
G9423 Med reas rpt no histo type
G9424 Site no lung or lung cx
G9425 Spec rpt no doc class histo
G9426 Impr med time edarr pain med
G9427 No impro med time pain med
G9428 Patho rpt incl pt ctg
G9429 Doc med rsn no pt cat
G9430 Spec site no cutaneous
G9431 Patho rpt no pt ctg
G9432 Asth controlled
G9434 Asth not controlled
G9448 Born 1945-1965
G9449 Hx bld transf b/f 1992
G9450 Hx injec drug use
G9451 1x scrn hcv infect
G9452 Doc med reas no scrn hcv
G9453 Pt reas no hcv infect
G9454 No scr hcv inf 12 mth rp
G9455 Abd imag w/us, ct or mri
G9456 Doc med pt reas no hcc scrn
G9457 Pt no abd img no doc rsn
G9458 Tob user recd cess interv
G9459 Tob non-user
G9460 No tob assess or cess inter
G9468 No recd cortico>=10mg/d >60d
G9469 Rec cortico>90d or 1rx 900mg
G9470 No rec cortico>60d 1rx 600mg
G9471 W/in 2yr dxa not order
G9473 Chap services at hospice
G9474 Diet counsel at hospice
G9475 Other counselor at hospice
G9476 Volun service at hospice
G9477 Care coord at hospice
G9478 Othe therapist at hospice
G9479 Pharmacist at hospice
G9480 Admission to mccm
G9481 Remote e/m new pt 10mins
G9482 Remote e/m new pt 20mins
G9483 Remote e/m new pt 30mins
G9484 Remote e/m new pt 45mins
G9485 Remote e/m new pt 60mins
G9486 Remote e/m est. pt 10mins
G9487 Remote e/m est. pt 15mins
G9488 Remote e/m est. pt 25mins
G9489 Remote e/m est. pt 40mins
G9490 Cmmi mod home visit
G9497 Rec inst no smoke day surg
G9498 Abx reg prescribed
G9500 Rad expos ind/exp tm doc
G9501 Rad expos ind/exp tm no doc
G9502 Med reas no perf foot exam
G9503 Pt tk tams hcl
G9504 Doc rsn hep b stat not asses
G9505 Abx pres w/in 10 dys of symp
G9506 Bio imm resp mod presc
G9507 Doc reas on statin or contra
G9508 Doc pt not on statin
G9509 Adit mdd dys rem 12 mnths
G9510 Remis12m not phq-9 score <5
G9511 Idx evt dte phq>9 doc 12 mo
G9512 Indiv pdc > 0.8
G9513 Indiv pdc not > 0.8
G9514 Req ret or w/in 90d of surg
G9515 No reas, no ret or w/in 90d
G9516 Impr vis acuit w/in 90d
G9517 No impr vis acuit w/in 90d
G9518 Doc active inj drug use
G9519 Final ref +/- 1.0 w/in 90d
G9520 Refract not +/- 1.0 w/in 90d
G9521 Er and ip hosp <2 in 12 mos
G9522 Er/ip hosp =/>2 in 12 mos
G9523 D/c hemo or perit dialysis
G9524 Refer to hospice
G9525 Doc pt reas no hospice refer
G9526 No reason, no refer hospice
G9529 Minor blunt trauma w/head ct
G9530 Pt mbht hd ct ord ec prov
G9531 Pt doc
G9532 Pt hd ct ord
G9533 Indic for head ct not valid
G9537 Doc sysm rsn img hd
G9539 Intent pot remv time placemt
G9540 Pt alive 3 mos post proc
G9541 Filter rem 3 mon plmt
G9542 Doc reass appr remo filt 3ms
G9543 Doc 2x re-assess filt remov
G9544 No filt remov w/in 3mos plcm
G9547 Cys ren les or adren
G9548 No f/u rec image study
G9549 Doc med rsn for f/u imag
G9550 Imag rec
G9551 Imag no les
G9552 Inc thyr node <1.0 in rpt
G9553 Prior thyroid dise dx
G9554 Ct/cta/mri/a chst foll rec
G9555 Doc med rsn for follup image
G9556 Ct/cta/mri/a no follup imag
G9557 Ct/cta/mri/a no thyr <1.0cm
G9558 Tx beta-lactam abx therapy
G9559 Doc med reas no abx therapy
G9560 No beta-lactam abx ther, rng
G9561 Presc opiates >6 wks
G9562 Foll-up eval q3mo opiod tx
G9563 No f/u eval q3mo opiod tx
G9573 Adl pt md or dys rem 6 mon
G9574 Adl pt md dys no rem 6 mon
G9577 Presc opiates >6 wks
G9578 Doc opioid tx 1x during ther
G9579 No doc opioid tx 1x at ther
G9580 Door to punc time <2hrs
G9582 Door to punc time >2hr, nrg
G9583 Presc opiates >6 wks
G9584 Eval opioid use instr/pt int
G9585 No eval opi use instr/intv
G9593 Low pecarn ped head trauma
G9594 Pt mbht hd ct ord ec prov
G9595 Doc shnt/tum/coag
G9596 Ped pt hd ct ord
G9597 No low pecarn ped head traum
G9598 Aor ane 5.5-5.9 cm max diam
G9599 Aor ane >=6.0 cm max diam
G9600 Symp aaa urgent repair
G9601 Pt dchg home post op day 7
G9602 Pt no dchg home postop day 7
G9603 Pt surv improv bsline tx
G9604 Pt surv results not avail
G9605 Surv score no improv w/tx
G9606 Intraop cyst eval trac inj
G9607 Doc med rsn not perf cystosc
G9608 Intraop cyst eval not done
G9609 Doc order anti-plat
G9610 Doc md rsn no antipla
G9611 No doc order anti-plat rng
G9612 Phodoc 2 mr cec lndmk
G9613 Doc post surg anatomy
G9614 Photodoc < 2 cec lndmk
G9615 Pre-op asst doc
G9616 Doc rsn no preop assmt
G9617 Pre-op asst not doc, rng
G9618 Doc scr uter mal or us/samp
G9620 No scr utr malig/us/samp rng
G9621 Scr unheal etoh w/counsel
G9622 No unheal etoh user
G9623 Doc med rsn no scr etoh use
G9624 Pt not scrn or no counseling
G9625 Pt bl srg 30 day pst srg
G9626 Med rsn no rpt baldder inj
G9627 Pt no bl srg 30 day pst srg
G9628 Pt bwli srg 30 day pst srg
G9629 Med rsn no rpt bowel inj
G9630 Pt no bwli srg 30 day srg
G9631 Pt ui srg 30 day pst srg
G9632 Med rsn for no rpt uret inj
G9633 Pt no ui srg 30 day pst srg
G9634 Qual life tool 2x same/impr
G9635 No doc rsn do qual life assm
G9636 No life asst 2x same/decr
G9637 Doc >1 dose reduc tech
G9638 No doc >1 dose reduc tech
G9639 Amp no reqd in48h ieler proc
G9640 Doc plan hybrid/stage proc
G9641 Amp reqd w/in 48h ieler proc
G9642 Current smoker
G9643 Elective surgery
G9644 No smok b/4 anes day of surg
G9645 Had smoke b/4 anes day surg
G9646 Pt w/90d mrs 0-2
G9647 No mrs score in 90d followup
G9648 Pt w/90d mrs >2
G9649 Psor as doc spc bm
G9651 Psor as doc no spc bm
G9654 Mon anesth care
G9655 Toc tool incl key elem
G9656 Pt trans from anest to pacu
G9658 Toc tool incl elem not used
G9659 >85y no hx colo ca/rsn scope
G9660 Doc med rsn scope pt >85y
G9661 >85y scope othr rsn
G9662 Prior dx/active clin ascvd
G9663 Fast/dir ldl <= 190 mg/dl
G9664 Taking statin or rec'd order
G9665 No statin/no order statin
G9666 Fas/dir ldl 70-189mg/dl mst
G9674 Pt w/clin ascvd dx
G9675 Pt w/fast/dir lab ldl-c >190
G9676 40-75y w/type 1/2 w/ldl-c rs
G9678 Oncology care model service
G9679 Acute care pneumonia
G9680 Acute care congestive heart
G9681 Acute care chronic obstruct
G9682 Acute care skin infection
G9683 Acute fluid/electro disorder
G9684 Acute care urinary tract inf
G9685 Acute nursing facility care
G9687 Hospice anytime msmt per
G9688 Pt w/hosp anytime msmt per
G9689 Inpt elect carotid intervent
G9690 Pt in hos
G9691 Pt hosp dur msmt period
G9692 Hosp recd by pt dur msmt per
G9693 Pt use hosp during msmt per
G9694 Hosp srv used pt in msmt per
G9695 Long act inhal bronchdil pre
G9696 Med rsn no presc bronchdil
G9697 Pt rsn no presc bronchdil
G9698 Sys rsn no presc bronchdil
G9699 Long inhal bronchdil no pres
G9700 Pt is w/hosp during msmt per
G9701 Child anbx 30 prior dx estab
G9702 Pt use hosp during msmt per
G9703 Child anbx 30 prior dx phary
G9704 Ajcc br ca stg i: t1 mic/t1a
G9705 Ajcc br ca stg ib
G9706 Low recur prost ca
G9707 Pt had hosp dur msmt per
G9708 Bilat mast/hx bi /unilat mas
G9709 Hosp srv used pt in msmt per
G9710 Pt prov hosp srv msmt per
G9711 Pt hx tot col or colon ca
G9712 Doc med rsn presc anbx
G9713 Pt use hosp during msmt per
G9714 Pt is w/hosp during msmt per
G9715 Pt w/hosp anytime msmt per
G9716 Bmi doc onl fup not cmpltd
G9717 Doc pt dx dep/bp f/u nt req
G9718 Hospice anytime msmt per
G9719 Pt not ambul/immob/wc
G9720 Hospice anytime msmt per
G9721 Pt not ambul/immob/wc
G9722 Doc hx renal fail or cr+ >4
G9723 Hosp recd by pt dur msmt per
G9724 Pt w/doc use anticoag mst yr
G9725 Pt w/hosp anytime msmt per
G9726 Refused to participate
G9727 Pt unable cmplt knee fs prom
G9728 Refused to participate
G9729 Pt unbl cmplt hip fs prom
G9730 Refused to participate
G9731 Pt unbl cmplt ft/ank fs prom
G9732 Refused to participate
G9733 Pt unbl cmplt lb fs prom
G9734 Refused to participate
G9735 Pt unbl cmplt shld fs prom
G9736 Refused to participate
G9737 Pt unbl cmplt ewh fs prom
G9738 Refused to participate
G9739 Pt unbl cmplt go fs prom
G9740 Hosp srv to pt dur msmt per
G9741 Pt w/hosp anytime msmt per
G9744 Pt not eli d/t act dig htn
G9745 Doc rsn no hbp scrn or f/u
G9746 Mit sten, valve or trans af
G9747 Pall dialysis with catheter
G9748 App transpl lvg kidney donor
G9749 Pall dialysis with catheter
G9750 App transpl lvg kidney donor
G9751 Pt died w/in 24 mos rpt time
G9752 Urgent surgery
G9753 Doc no dicom, ct other fac
G9754 Incid pulm nodule
G9755 Doc med rsn no fllw up
G9756 Surg proc w/silicone oil
G9757 Surg proc w/silicone oil
G9758 Pt in hos
G9759 Hx preop post cap rup
G9760 Pt w/hosp anytime msmt per
G9761 Pt w/hosp anytime msmt per
G9762 Pt had >= 2-3 hpv vaccines
G9763 Pt not have 2-3 hpv vaccines
G9764 Pt treatd w/oral syst or bio
G9765 Doc pat declined therapy
G9766 Cva stroke dx tx transf fac
G9767 Hosp new dx cva consid evst
G9768 Pt w/hosp anytime msmt per
G9769 Bn den 2yr/got ost med/ther
G9770 Perip nerve block
G9771 Anes end, 1 temp >35.5(95.9)
G9772 Doc med rsn no temp >= 35.5
G9773 1 bod temp >=35.5
G9774 Pt had hyst
G9775 Recd 2 anti-emet pre/intraop
G9776 Doc med rsn no proph antiem
G9777 Pt no antiemet pre/intraop
G9778 Pts dx w/pregn
G9779 Pts breastfeeding
G9780 Pts dx w/rhabdomyolysis
G9781 Doc rsn no statin
G9782 Hx dx fam/pure hypercholes
G9783 Doc dx dm, fast <70, no stat
G9784 Path/derm prov 2nd biop opin
G9785 Path report sent
G9786 Path report not sent
G9787 Pt alive
G9788 Most rct bp
G9789 Record bp ip, er, urg/self
G9790 Most rct bp >/= 140/90
G9791 Most rct tob stat free
G9792 Most rct tob stat not free
G9793 Pt on daily asa/antiplat
G9794 Doc med rsn no daily aspirin
G9795 Pt no daily asa/antiplat
G9796 Pt not currently on statin
G9797 Pt currently on statin
G9798 D/c ami btw 7/1-6/30 meas pd
G9799 Med disp evt indic hx asth
G9800 Pt id intol/alleg beta-block
G9801 Nonacut transf from inpt
G9802 Pt w/hosp anytime msmt per
G9803 Pt presc 135 day trmt
G9804 Pt not presc 135 day trmt
G9805 Pt w/hosp anytime msmt per
G9806 Pt recd cerv cyto/hpv
G9807 Pt no recd cerv cyto/hpv
G9808 Pt no asthm cont med mst per
G9809 Pt w/hosp anytime msmt per
G9810 Pdc 75% w/asth cont med
G9811 No pdc 75% w/asth cont med
G9812 Pt died during inpt/30d aft
G9813 Pt not died w/in 30d of proc
G9814 Death during index hosp
G9815 Death not during index hosp
G9816 Death <30 day post discharge
G9817 No death 30-days post-disch
G9818 Doc sex activity
G9819 Pt w/hosp anytime msmt per
G9820 Doc chlam scr test w/follow
G9821 No doc chlam scr ts w/follow
G9822 Endo abl proc yr prev ind dt
G9823 Endo smpl/hyst bx res doc
G9824 Endo smpl/hyst bx res no doc
G9825 Her-2 neg,undoc/unkn
G9826 Transf pract aft init chemo
G9827 Her-2 targ ther no init tx
G9828 Her-2 targ ther dur init tx
G9829 Breast adj chemo admin
G9830 Her-2 pos
G9831 Ajcc stg brt ca dx ii or iii
G9832 Brt ca dx i, no t1/t1a/t1b
G9833 Transf pract aft init chemo
G9834 Pt met dis at dx
G9835 Trastuz given w/in 12 mos dx
G9836 Rsn no trast given doc
G9837 Trastuz not in 12 mos dx
G9838 Pt met dis at dx
G9839 Anti-egfr mon anti ther
G9840 Gene testing performed
G9841 Gene testing not performed
G9842 Pt met dis at dx
G9843 Kras or nras gene mutation
G9844 Pt no recd anti-egfr ther
G9845 Pt recd anti-egfr ther
G9846 Pt died from cancer
G9847 Pt recd chemo last 14d life
G9848 Pt no chemo last 14d life
G9849 Pt died from cancer
G9850 1/more ed last 30d life
G9851 1/no ed visit last 30d life
G9852 Pt died from cancer
G9853 Icu stay last 30d life
G9854 No icu stay last 30d life
G9855 Pt died from cancer
G9856 Pt no hospice
G9857 Pt admit hospice
G9858 Pt enroll hospice
G9859 Pt died from cancer
G9860 Pt less 3d hospice
G9861 Pt more than 3d hospice
G9862 Doc rsn no 10 yr follow
G9868 Next gen aco model <10min
G9869 Next gen aco model 10-20min
G9870 Next gen aco model >20min
G9873 1 em core session
G9874 4 em core sessions
G9875 9 em core sessions
G9876 2 em core ms mo 7-9 no wl
G9877 2 em core ms mo 10-12 no wl
G9878 2 em core ms mo 7-9 wl
G9879 2 em core ms mo 10-12 wl
G9880 Em 5 percent wl
G9881 Em 9 percent wl
G9882 2 em ongoing ms mo 13-15 wl
G9883 2 em ongoing ms mo 16-18 wl
G9884 2 em ongoing ms mo 19-21 wl
G9885 2 em ongoing ms mo 22-24 wl
G9890 Em bridge payment
G9891 Em session reporting
G9892 Doc pt rsn no dil mac exam
G9893 No mac exam
G9894 Adr dep thrpy prescribed
G9895 Doc med rsn no adr dep thrpy
G9896 Doc pt rsn no adr dep thrpy
G9897 Pt nt prsc adr dep thrpy rng
G9898 Pt 66+ snp or ltc pos
G9899 Scrn mam perf rslts doc
G9900 Scrn mam perf rslts not doc
G9901 Pt 66+ snp or ltc pos
G9902 Pt scrn tbco and id as user
G9903 Pt scrn tbco id as non user
G9904 Doc med rsn no tbco scrn
G9905 No pt tbco scrn rng
G9906 Pt recv tbco cess interv
G9907 Doc med rsn no tbco interv
G9908 No pt tbco cess interv rng
G9909 Doc med rsn no tbco interv
G9910 Pt 66+ snp or ltc pos
G9911 Node neg pre/post syst ther
G9912 Hbv status assesed and int
G9913 No hbv status assesd and int
G9914 Pt receiving anti-tnf agent
G9915 No documntd hbv results rcd
G9916 Funct status past 12 months
G9917 Adv dem crgvr limited
G9918 No funct stat perf, rsn nos
G9919 Scrn nd pos nd prov of rec
G9920 Scrning perf and negative
G9921 No or part scrn nd rng or os
G9922 Sfty cncrns scrn nd mit recs
G9923 Safty cncrns scrn and neg
G9924 Doc med rsn no scrn or recs
G9925 No scrn prov rsn nos
G9926 Sfty cncrns scrn but no recs
G9927 Doc no warf /fda pt trial
G9928 No warf or fda drug presc
G9929 Trs/rev af
G9930 Com care
G9931 No chad or chad scr 0 or 1
G9932 Doc pt rsn no tb scrn recrds
G9933 Canc detectd during col scrn
G9934 Doc rsn not detecting cancer
G9935 Canc not detectd during srcn
G9936 Pmh plyp/neo co/rect/jun/ans
G9937 Dig or surv colsco
G9938 Pt 66+ snp or ltc pos
G9939 Same path/derm perf biopsy
G9940 Doc reas no statin therapy
G9942 Adtl spine proc on same date
G9943 Bk pn nt msr vas scl pre/pst
G9945 Pt w/cancer scoliosis
G9946 Bk pain no vas
G9948 Adtl spine proc on same date
G9949 Leg pain no vas
G9954 Pt >2 rsk fac post-op vomit
G9955 Inhlnt anesth only for induc
G9956 Combo thrpy of >= 2 prophly
G9957 Doc med rsn no combo thrpy
G9958 No combo prohpyl thrp for pt
G9959 Systemic antimicro not presc
G9960 Med rsn sys antimi nt rx
G9961 Systemic antimicro presc
G9962 Embolization doc separatly
G9963 Embolization not doc separat
G9964 Pt recv >=1 well-chld visit
G9965 No well-chld vist recv by pt
G9966 Scrn, inter, report child
G9967 No scrn, inter, reprt child
G9968 Pt refrd 2 pvdr/spclst in pp
G9969 Pvdr rfrd pt rprt rcvd
G9970 Pvdr rfrd pt no rprt rcvd
G9974 Mac exam perf
G9975 Doc med rsn no dil mac exam
G9978 Remote e/m new pt 10mins
G9979 Remote e/m new pt 20mins
G9980 Remote e/m new pt 30 mins
G9981 Remote e/m new pt 45mins
G9982 Remote e/m new pt 60mins
G9983 Remote e/m est. pt 10mins
G9984 Remote e/m est. pt 15mins
G9985 Remote e/m est. pt 25mins
G9986 Remote e/m est. pt 40mins
G9987 Bpci advanced in home visit