K Codes

K0001 Standard wheelchair
K0002 Stnd hemi (low seat) whlchr
K0003 Lightweight wheelchair
K0004 High strength ltwt whlchr
K0005 Ultralightweight wheelchair
K0006 Heavy duty wheelchair
K0007 Extra heavy duty wheelchair
K0008 Cstm manual wheelchair/base
K0009 Other manual wheelchair/base
K0010 Stnd wt frame power whlchr
K0011 Stnd wt pwr whlchr w control
K0012 Ltwt portbl power whlchr
K0013 Custom power whlchr base
K0014 Other power whlchr base
K0015 Detach non-adj ht armrst rep
K0017 Detach adjust armrest base
K0018 Detach adjust armrst upper
K0019 Arm pad repl, each
K0020 Fixed adjust armrest pair
K0037 Hi mount flip-up footrest ea
K0038 Leg strap each
K0039 Leg strap h style each
K0040 Adjustable angle footplate
K0041 Large size footplate each
K0042 Standard size ftplate rep ea
K0043 Ftrst lowr exten tube rep ea
K0044 Ftrst upr hanger brac rep ea
K0045 Ftrst compl assembly repl ea
K0046 Elev lgrst lwr exten repl ea
K0047 Elev legrst upr hangr rep ea
K0050 Ratchet assembly replacement
K0051 Cam rel asm ft/legrst rep ea
K0052 Swingaway detach ftrest repl
K0053 Elevate footrest articulate
K0056 Seat ht <17 or >=21 ltwt wc
K0065 Spoke protectors
K0069 Rr whl compl sol tire rep ea
K0070 Rr whl compl pne tire rep ea
K0071 Fr cstr comp pne tire rep ea
K0072 Fr cstr semi-pne tire rep ea
K0073 Caster pin lock each
K0077 Fr cstr asmb sol tire rep ea
K0098 Drive belt for pwc, repl
K0105 Iv hanger
K0108 W/c component-accessory nos
K0195 Elevating whlchair leg rests
K0455 Pump uninterrupted infusion
K0462 Temporary replacement eqpmnt
K0552 Sup/ext non-ins inf pump syr
K0553 Ther cgm supply allowance
K0554 Ther cgm receiver/monitor
K0601 Repl batt silver oxide 1.5 v
K0602 Repl batt silver oxide 3 v
K0603 Repl batt alkaline 1.5 v
K0604 Repl batt lithium 3.6 v
K0605 Repl batt lithium 4.5 v
K0606 Aed garment w elec analysis
K0607 Repl batt for aed
K0608 Repl garment for aed
K0609 Repl electrode for aed
K0669 Seat/back cus no dmepdac ver
K0672 Removable soft interface le
K0730 Ctrl dose inh drug deliv sys
K0733 12-24hr sealed lead acid
K0738 Portable gas oxygen system
K0739 Repair/svc dme non-oxygen eq
K0740 Repair/svc oxygen equipment
K0743 Portable home suction pump
K0744 Absorp drg <= 16 suc pump
K0745 Absorp drg >16<=48 suc pump
K0746 Absorp drg >48 suc pump
K0800 Pov group 1 std up to 300lbs
K0801 Pov group 1 hd 301-450 lbs
K0802 Pov group 1 vhd 451-600 lbs
K0806 Pov group 2 std up to 300lbs
K0807 Pov group 2 hd 301-450 lbs
K0808 Pov group 2 vhd 451-600 lbs
K0812 Power operated vehicle noc
K0813 Pwc gp 1 std port seat/back
K0814 Pwc gp 1 std port cap chair
K0815 Pwc gp 1 std seat/back
K0816 Pwc gp 1 std cap chair
K0820 Pwc gp 2 std port seat/back
K0821 Pwc gp 2 std port cap chair
K0822 Pwc gp 2 std seat/back
K0823 Pwc gp 2 std cap chair
K0824 Pwc gp 2 hd seat/back
K0825 Pwc gp 2 hd cap chair
K0826 Pwc gp 2 vhd seat/back
K0827 Pwc gp vhd cap chair
K0828 Pwc gp 2 xtra hd seat/back
K0829 Pwc gp 2 xtra hd cap chair
K0830 Pwc gp2 std seat elevate s/b
K0831 Pwc gp2 std seat elevate cap
K0835 Pwc gp2 std sing pow opt s/b
K0836 Pwc gp2 std sing pow opt cap
K0837 Pwc gp 2 hd sing pow opt s/b
K0838 Pwc gp 2 hd sing pow opt cap
K0839 Pwc gp2 vhd sing pow opt s/b
K0840 Pwc gp2 xhd sing pow opt s/b
K0841 Pwc gp2 std mult pow opt s/b
K0842 Pwc gp2 std mult pow opt cap
K0843 Pwc gp2 hd mult pow opt s/b
K0848 Pwc gp 3 std seat/back
K0849 Pwc gp 3 std cap chair
K0850 Pwc gp 3 hd seat/back
K0851 Pwc gp 3 hd cap chair
K0852 Pwc gp 3 vhd seat/back
K0853 Pwc gp 3 vhd cap chair
K0854 Pwc gp 3 xhd seat/back
K0855 Pwc gp 3 xhd cap chair
K0856 Pwc gp3 std sing pow opt s/b
K0857 Pwc gp3 std sing pow opt cap
K0858 Pwc gp3 hd sing pow opt s/b
K0859 Pwc gp3 hd sing pow opt cap
K0860 Pwc gp3 vhd sing pow opt s/b
K0861 Pwc gp3 std mult pow opt s/b
K0862 Pwc gp3 hd mult pow opt s/b
K0863 Pwc gp3 vhd mult pow opt s/b
K0864 Pwc gp3 xhd mult pow opt s/b
K0868 Pwc gp 4 std seat/back
K0869 Pwc gp 4 std cap chair
K0870 Pwc gp 4 hd seat/back
K0871 Pwc gp 4 vhd seat/back
K0877 Pwc gp4 std sing pow opt s/b
K0878 Pwc gp4 std sing pow opt cap
K0879 Pwc gp4 hd sing pow opt s/b
K0880 Pwc gp4 vhd sing pow opt s/b
K0884 Pwc gp4 std mult pow opt s/b
K0885 Pwc gp4 std mult pow opt cap
K0886 Pwc gp4 hd mult pow s/b
K0890 Pwc gp5 ped sing pow opt s/b
K0891 Pwc gp5 ped mult pow opt s/b
K0898 Power wheelchair noc
K0899 Pow mobil dev no dmepdac
K0900 Cstm dme other than wheelchr
K1001 Electronic posa treatment
K1002 Ces system w/supplies access
K1003 Whirlpool tub walkin portabl
K1004 Lo freq us diathermy device
K1005 Disp col sto bag breast milk