S Codes

S0012 Butorphanol tartrate, nasal
S0014 Tacrine hydrochloride, 10 mg
S0017 Injection, aminocaproic acid
S0020 Injection, bupivicaine hydro
S0021 Injection, cefoperazone sod
S0023 Injection, cimetidine hydroc
S0028 Injection, famotidine, 20 mg
S0030 Injection, metronidazole
S0032 Injection, nafcillin sodium
S0034 Injection, ofloxacin, 400 mg
S0039 Injection, sulfamethoxazole
S0040 Injection, ticarcillin disod
S0073 Injection, aztreonam, 500 mg
S0074 Injection, cefotetan disodiu
S0077 Injection, clindamycin phosp
S0078 Injection, fosphenytoin sodi
S0080 Injection, pentamidine iseth
S0081 Injection, piperacillin sodi
S0088 Imatinib 100 mg
S0090 Sildenafil citrate, 25 mg
S0091 Granisetron 1mg
S0092 Hydromorphone 250 mg
S0093 Morphine 500 mg
S0104 Zidovudine, oral, 100 mg
S0106 Bupropion hcl sr 60 tablets
S0108 Mercaptopurine 50 mg
S0109 Methadone oral 5mg
S0117 Tretinoin topical 5 g
S0119 Ondansetron 4 mg
S0122 Inj menotropins 75 iu
S0126 Inj follitropin alfa 75 iu
S0128 Inj follitropin beta 75 iu
S0132 Inj ganirelix acetat 250 mcg
S0136 Clozapine, 25 mg
S0137 Didanosine, 25 mg
S0138 Finasteride, 5 mg
S0139 Minoxidil, 10 mg
S0140 Saquinavir, 200 mg
S0142 Colistimethate inh sol mg
S0145 Peg interferon alfa-2a/180
S0148 Peg interferon alfa-2b/10
S0155 Epoprostenol dilutant
S0156 Exemestane, 25 mg
S0157 Becaplermin gel 1%, 0.5 gm
S0160 Dextroamphetamine
S0164 Injection pantroprazole
S0166 Inj olanzapine 2.5mg
S0169 Calcitrol
S0170 Anastrozole 1 mg
S0171 Bumetanide 0.5 mg
S0172 Chlorambucil 2 mg
S0174 Dolasetron 50 mg
S0175 Flutamide 125 mg
S0176 Hydroxyurea 500 mg
S0177 Levamisole 50 mg
S0178 Lomustine 10 mg
S0179 Megestrol 20 mg
S0182 Procarbazine, oral
S0183 Prochlorperazine 5 mg
S0187 Tamoxifen 10 mg
S0189 Testosterone pellet 75 mg
S0190 Mifepristone, oral, 200 mg
S0191 Misoprostol, oral, 200 mcg
S0194 Vitamin suppl 100 caps
S0197 Prenatal vitamins 30 day
S0199 Med abortion inc all ex drug
S0201 Partial hospitalization serv
S0207 Paramedicintercep nonhospals
S0208 Paramed intrcept nonvol
S0209 Wc van mileage per mi
S0215 Nonemerg transp mileage
S0220 Medical conference by physic
S0221 Medical conference, 60 min
S0250 Comp geriatr assmt team
S0255 Hospice refer visit nonmd
S0257 End of life counseling
S0260 H&p for surgery
S0265 Genetic counsel 15 mins
S0270 Home std case rate 30 days
S0271 Home hospice case 30 days
S0272 Home episodic case 30 days
S0273 Md home visit outside cap
S0274 Nurse practr visit outs cap
S0280 Medical home, initial plan
S0281 Medical home, maintenance
S0285 Cnslt before screen colonosc
S0302 Completed epsdt
S0310 Hospitalist visit
S0311 Comp mgmt care coord adv ill
S0315 Disease management program
S0316 Follow-up/reassessment
S0317 Disease mgmt per diem
S0320 Rn telephone calls to dmp
S0340 Lifestyle mod 1st stage
S0341 Lifestyle mod 2 or 3 stage
S0342 Lifestyle mod 4th stage
S0353 Cancer treatmentplan initial
S0354 Cancer treatment plan change
S0390 Rout foot care per visit
S0395 Impression casting ft
S0400 Global eswl kidney
S0500 Dispos cont lens
S0504 Singl prscrp lens
S0506 Bifoc prscp lens
S0508 Trifoc prscrp lens
S0510 Non-prscrp lens
S0512 Daily cont lens
S0514 Color cont lens
S0515 Scleral lens liquid bandage
S0516 Safety frames
S0518 Sunglass frames
S0580 Polycarb lens
S0581 Nonstnd lens
S0590 Misc integral lens serv
S0592 Comp cont lens eval
S0595 New lenses in pts old frame
S0596 Phakic iol refractive error
S0601 Screening proctoscopy
S0610 Annual gynecological examina
S0612 Annual gynecological examina
S0613 Ann breast exam
S0618 Audiometry for hearing aid
S0620 Routine ophthalmological exa
S0621 Routine ophthalmological exa
S0622 Phys exam for college
S0630 Removal of sutures
S0800 Laser in situ keratomileusis
S0810 Photorefractive keratectomy
S0812 Phototherap keratect
S1001 Deluxe item
S1002 Custom item
S1015 Iv tubing extension set
S1016 Non-pvc intravenous administ
S1030 Gluc monitor purchase
S1031 Gluc monitor rental
S1034 Art pancreas system
S1035 Art pancreas inv disp sensor
S1036 Art pancreas ext transmitter
S1037 Art pancreas ext receiver
S1040 Cranial remolding orthosis
S2053 Transplantation of small int
S2054 Transplantation of multivisc
S2055 Harvesting of donor multivis
S2060 Lobar lung transplantation
S2061 Donor lobectomy (lung)
S2065 Simult panc kidn trans
S2066 Breast gap flap reconst
S2067 including harvesting of the flap(s)
S2068 Breast diep or siea flap
S2070 Cysto laser tx ureteral calc
S2079 Lap esophagomyotomy
S2080 Laup
S2083 Adjustment gastric band
S2095 Transcath emboliz microspher
S2102 Islet cell tissue transplant
S2103 Adrenal tissue transplant
S2107 Adoptive immunotherapy
S2112 Knee arthroscp harv
S2115 Periacetabular osteotomy
S2117 Arthroereisis, subtalar
S2118 Total hip resurfacing
S2120 Low density lipoprotein(ldl)
S2140 Cord blood harvesting
S2142 Cord blood-derived stem-cell
S2150 Bmt harv/transpl 28d pkg
S2152 Solid organ transpl pkg
S2202 Echosclerotherapy
S2205 Minimally invasive direct co
S2206 Minimally invasive direct co
S2207 Minimally invasive direct co
S2208 Minimally invasive direct co
S2209 Minimally invasive direct co
S2225 Myringotomy laser-assist
S2230 Implant semi-imp hear
S2235 Implant auditory brain imp
S2260 Induced abortion 17-24 weeks
S2265 Induced abortion 25-28 wks
S2266 Induced abortion 29-31 wks
S2267 Induced abortion 32 or more
S2300 Arthroscopy, shoulder, surgi
S2325 Hip core decompression
S2340 Chemodenervation of abductor
S2341 Chemodenerv adduct vocal
S2342 Nasal endoscop po debrid
S2348 Decompress disc rf lumbar
S2350 Diskectomy, anterior, with d
S2351 Diskectomy, anterior, with d
S2400 Fetal surg congen hernia
S2401 Fetal surg urin trac obstr
S2402 Fetal surg cong cyst malf
S2403 Fetal surg pulmon sequest
S2404 Fetal surg myelomeningo
S2405 Fetal surg sacrococ teratoma
S2409 Fetal surg noc
S2411 Fetoscop laser ther ttts
S2900 Robotic surgical system
S3000 Bilat dil retinal exam
S3005 Eval self-assess depression
S3600 Stat lab
S3601 Stat lab home/nf
S3620 Newborn metabolic screening
S3630 Eosinophil blood count
S3645 Hiv-1 antibody testing of or
S3650 Saliva test, hormone level;
S3652 Saliva test, hormone level;
S3655 Antisperm antibodies test
S3708 Gastrointestinal fat absorpt
S3722 Dose optimization auc - 5fu
S3800 Genetic testing als
S3840 Dna analysis ret-oncogene
S3841 Gene test retinoblastoma
S3842 Gene test hippel-lindau
S3844 Dna analysis deafness
S3845 Gene test alpha-thalassemia
S3846 Gene test beta-thalassemia
S3849 Gene test niemann-pick
S3850 Gene test sickle cell
S3852 Dna analysis apoe alzheimer
S3853 Gene test myo musclr dyst
S3854 Gene profile panel breast
S3861 Genetic test brugada
S3865 Comp genet test hyp cardiomy
S3866 Spec gene test hyp cardiomy
S3870 Cgh test developmental delay
S3900 Surface emg
S3902 Ballistocardiogram
S3904 Masters two step
S4005 Interim labor facility globa
S4011 Ivf package
S4013 Compl gift case rate
S4014 Compl zift case rate
S4015 Complete ivf nos case rate
S4016 Frozen ivf case rate
S4017 Ivf canc a stim case rate
S4018 F emb trns canc case rate
S4020 Ivf canc a aspir case rate
S4021 Ivf canc p aspir case rate
S4022 Asst oocyte fert case rate
S4023 Incompl donor egg case rate
S4025 Donor serv ivf case rate
S4026 Procure donor sperm
S4027 Store prev froz embryos
S4028 Microsurg epi sperm asp
S4030 Sperm procure init visit
S4031 Sperm procure subs visit
S4035 Stimulated iui case rate
S4037 Cryo embryo transf case rate
S4040 Monit store cryo embryo 30 d
S4042 Ovulation mgmt per cycle
S4981 Insert levonorgestrel ius
S4989 Contracept iud
S4990 Nicotine patch legend
S4991 Nicotine patch nonlegend
S4993 Contraceptive pills for bc
S4995 Smoking cessation gum
S5000 Prescription drug, generic
S5001 Prescription drug,brand name
S5010 5% dextrose and 0.45% saline
S5012 5% dextrose with potassium
S5013 5%dextrose/0.45%saline1000ml
S5014 D5w/0.45ns w kcl and mgs04
S5035 Hit routine device maint
S5036 Hit device repair
S5100 Adult daycare services 15min
S5101 Adult day care per half day
S5102 Adult day care per diem
S5105 Centerbased day care perdiem
S5108 Homecare train pt 15 min
S5109 Homecare train pt session
S5110 Family homecare training 15m
S5111 Family homecare train/sessio
S5115 Nonfamily homecare train/15m
S5116 Nonfamily hc train/session
S5120 Chore services per 15 min
S5121 Chore services per diem
S5125 Attendant care service /15m
S5126 Attendant care service /diem
S5130 Homaker service nos per 15m
S5131 Homemaker service nos /diem
S5135 Adult companioncare per 15m
S5136 Adult companioncare per diem
S5140 Adult foster care per diem
S5141 Adult foster care per month
S5145 Child fostercare th per diem
S5146 Ther fostercare child /month
S5150 Unskilled respite care /15m
S5151 Unskilled respitecare /diem
S5160 Emer response sys instal&tst
S5161 Emer rspns sys serv permonth
S5162 Emer rspns system purchase
S5165 Home modifications per serv
S5170 Homedelivered prepared meal
S5175 Laundry serv,ext,prof,/order
S5180 Hh respiratory thrpy in eval
S5181 Hh respiratory thrpy nos/day
S5185 Med reminder serv per month
S5190 Wellness assessment by nonph
S5199 Personal care item nos each
S5497 Hit cath care noc
S5498 Hit simple cath care
S5501 Hit complex cath care
S5502 Hit interim cath care
S5517 Hit declotting kit
S5518 Hit cath repair kit
S5520 Hit picc insert kit
S5521 Hit midline cath insert kit
S5522 Hit picc insert no supp
S5523 Hip midline cath insert kit
S5550 Insulin rapid 5 u
S5551 Insulin most rapid 5 u
S5552 Insulin intermed 5 u
S5553 Insulin long acting 5 u
S5560 Insulin reuse pen 1.5 ml
S5561 Insulin reuse pen 3 ml
S5565 Insulin cartridge 150 u
S5566 Insulin cartridge 300 u
S5570 Insulin dispos pen 1.5 ml
S5571 Insulin dispos pen 3 ml
S8030 Tantalum ring application
S8035 Magnetic source imaging
S8037 Mrcp
S8040 Topographic brain mapping
S8042 Mri low field
S8055 Us guidance fetal reduct
S8080 Scintimammography
S8085 Fluorine-18 fluorodeoxygluco
S8092 Electron beam computed tomog
S8096 Portable peak flow meter
S8097 Asthma kit
S8100 Spacer without mask
S8101 Spacer with mask
S8110 Peak expiratory flow rate (p
S8120 O2 contents gas cubic ft
S8121 O2 contents liquid lb
S8130 Interferential stim 2 chan
S8131 Interferential stim 4 chan
S8185 Flutter device
S8186 Swivel adaptor
S8189 Trach supply noc
S8210 Mucus trap
S8265 Haberman feeder
S8270 Enuresis alarm
S8301 Infect control supplies nos
S8415 Supplies for home delivery
S8420 Custom gradient sleev/glov
S8421 Ready gradient sleev/glov
S8422 Custom grad sleeve med
S8423 Custom grad sleeve heavy
S8424 Ready gradient sleeve
S8425 Custom grad glove med
S8426 Custom grad glove heavy
S8427 Ready gradient glove
S8428 Ready gradient gauntlet
S8429 Gradient pressure wrap
S8430 Padding for comprssn bdg
S8431 Compression bandage
S8450 Splint digit
S8451 Splint wrist or ankle
S8452 Splint elbow
S8460 Camisole post-mast
S8490 100 insulin syringes
S8930 Auricular electrostimulation
S8940 Hippotherapy per session
S8948 Low-level laser trmt 15 min
S8950 Complex lymphedema therapy,
S8990 Pt or manip for maint
S8999 Resuscitation bag
S9001 Home uterine monitor with or
S9007 Ultrafiltration monitor
S9024 Paranasal sinus ultrasound
S9025 Omnicardiogram/cardiointegra
S9034 Eswl for gallstones
S9055 Procuren or other growth fac
S9056 Coma stimulation per diem
S9061 Medical supplies and equipme
S9083 Urgent care center global
S9088 Services provided in urgent
S9090 Vertebral axial decompressio
S9097 Home visit wound care
S9098 Home phototherapy visit
S9110 Telemonitoring/home per mnth
S9117 Back school visit
S9122 Home health aide or certifie
S9123 Nursing care in home rn
S9124 Nursing care, in the home; b
S9125 Respite care, in the home, p
S9126 Hospice care, in the home, p
S9127 Social work visit, in the ho
S9128 Speech therapy, in the home,
S9129 Occupational therapy, in the
S9131 Pt in the home per diem
S9140 Diabetic management program,
S9141 Diabetic management program,
S9145 Insulin pump initiation
S9150 Evaluation by ocularist
S9152 Speech therapy, re-eval
S9208 Home mgmt preterm labor
S9209 Home mgmt pprom
S9211 Home mgmt gest hypertension
S9212 Hm postpar hyper per diem
S9213 Hm preeclamp per diem
S9214 Hm gest dm per diem
S9325 Hit pain mgmt per diem
S9326 Hit cont pain per diem
S9327 Hit int pain per diem
S9328 Hit pain imp pump diem
S9329 Hit chemo per diem
S9330 Hit cont chem diem
S9331 Hit intermit chemo diem
S9335 Ht hemodialysis diem
S9336 Hit cont anticoag diem
S9338 Hit immunotherapy diem
S9339 Hit periton dialysis diem
S9340 Hit enteral per diem
S9341 Hit enteral grav diem
S9342 Hit enteral pump diem
S9343 Hit enteral bolus nurs
S9345 Hit anti-hemophil diem
S9346 Hit alpha-1-proteinas diem
S9347 Hit longterm infusion diem
S9348 Hit sympathomim diem
S9349 Hit tocolysis diem
S9351 Hit cont antiemetic diem
S9353 Hit cont insulin diem
S9355 Hit chelation diem
S9357 Hit enzyme replace diem
S9359 Hit anti-tnf per diem
S9361 Hit diuretic infus diem
S9363 Hit anti-spasmotic diem
S9364 Hit tpn total diem
S9365 Hit tpn 1 liter diem
S9366 Hit tpn 2 liter diem
S9367 Hit tpn 3 liter diem
S9368 Hit tpn over 3l diem
S9370 Ht inj antiemetic diem
S9372 Ht inj anticoag diem
S9373 Hit hydra total diem
S9374 Hit hydra 1 liter diem
S9375 Hit hydra 2 liter diem
S9376 Hit hydra 3 liter diem
S9377 Hit hydra over 3l diem
S9379 Hit noc per diem
S9381 Hit high risk/escort
S9401 Anticoag clinic per session
S9430 Pharmacy comp/disp serv
S9433 Medical food oral 100% nutr
S9434 Mod solid food suppl
S9435 Medical foods for inborn err
S9436 Lamaze class
S9437 Childbirth refresher class
S9438 Cesarean birth class
S9439 Vbac class
S9441 Asthma education
S9442 Birthing class
S9443 Lactation class
S9444 Parenting class
S9445 Pt education noc individ
S9446 Pt education noc group
S9447 Infant safety class
S9449 Weight mgmt class
S9451 Exercise class
S9452 Nutrition class
S9453 Smoking cessation class
S9454 Stress mgmt class
S9455 Diabetic management program,
S9460 Diabetic management program,
S9465 Diabetic management program,
S9470 Nutritional counseling, diet
S9472 Cardiac rehabilitation progr
S9473 Pulmonary rehabilitation pro
S9474 Enterostomal therapy by a re
S9475 Ambulatory setting substance
S9476 Vestibular rehab per diem
S9480 Intensive outpatient psychia
S9482 Family stabilization 15 min
S9484 Crisis intervention per hour
S9485 Crisis intervention mental h
S9490 Hit corticosteroid/diem
S9494 Hit antibiotic total diem
S9497 Hit antibiotic q3h diem
S9500 Hit antibiotic q24h diem
S9501 Hit antibiotic q12h diem
S9502 Hit antibiotic q8h diem
S9503 Hit antibiotic q6h diem
S9504 Hit antibiotic q4h diem
S9529 Venipuncture home/snf
S9537 Ht hem horm inj diem
S9538 Hit blood products diem
S9542 Ht inj noc per diem
S9558 Ht inj growth horm diem
S9559 Hit inj interferon diem
S9560 Ht inj hormone diem
S9562 Ht inj palivizumab diem
S9590 Ht irrigation diem
S9810 Ht pharm per hour
S9900 Christian sci pract visit
S9901 Christian sci nurse visit
S9960 Air ambulanc nonemerg fixed
S9961 Air ambulan nonemerg rotary
S9970 Health club membership yr
S9975 Transplant related per diem
S9976 Lodging per diem
S9977 Meals per diem
S9981 Med record copy admin
S9982 Med record copy per page
S9986 Not medically necessary svc
S9988 Serv part of phase i trial
S9989 Services outside us
S9990 Services provided as part of
S9991 Services provided as part of
S9992 Transportation costs to and
S9994 Lodging costs (e.g. hotel ch
S9996 Meals for clinical trial par
S9999 Sales tax