T Codes

T1000 Private duty/independent nsg
T1001 Nursing assessment/evaluatn
T1002 Rn services up to 15 minutes
T1003 Lpn/lvn services up to 15min
T1004 Nsg aide service up to 15min
T1005 Respite care service 15 min
T1006 Family/couple counseling
T1007 Treatment plan development
T1009 Child sitting services
T1010 Meals when receive services
T1012 Alcohol/substance abuse skil
T1013 Sign lang/oral interpreter
T1014 Telehealth transmit, per min
T1015 Clinic service
T1016 Case management
T1017 Targeted case management
T1018 School-based iep ser bundled
T1019 Personal care ser per 15 min
T1020 Personal care ser per diem
T1021 Hh aide or cn aide per visit
T1022 Contracted services per day
T1023 Program intake assessment
T1024 Team evaluation & management
T1025 Ped compr care pkg, per diem
T1026 Ped compr care pkg, per hour
T1027 Family training & counseling
T1028 Home environment assessment
T1029 Dwelling lead investigation
T1030 Rn home care per diem
T1031 Lpn home care per diem
T1040 Comm bh clinic svc per diem
T1041 Comm bh clinic svc per month
T1502 Medication admin visit
T1503 Med admin, not oral/inject
T1505 Elec med comp dev, noc
T1999 Noc retail items andsupplies
T2001 N-et; patient attend/escort
T2002 N-et; per diem
T2003 N-et; encounter/trip
T2004 N-et; commerc carrier pass
T2005 N-et; stretcher van
T2007 Non-emer transport wait time
T2010 Pasrr level i
T2011 Pasrr level ii
T2012 Habil ed waiver, per diem
T2013 Habil ed waiver per hour
T2014 Habil prevoc waiver, per d
T2015 Habil prevoc waiver per hr
T2016 Habil res waiver per diem
T2017 Habil res waiver 15 min
T2018 Habil sup empl waiver/diem
T2019 Habil sup empl waiver 15min
T2020 Day habil waiver per diem
T2021 Day habil waiver per 15 min
T2022 Case management, per month
T2023 Targeted case mgmt per month
T2024 Serv asmnt/care plan waiver
T2025 Waiver service, nos
T2026 Special childcare waiver/d
T2027 Spec childcare waiver 15 min
T2028 Special supply, nos waiver
T2029 Special med equip, noswaiver
T2030 Assist living waiver/month
T2031 Assist living waiver/diem
T2032 Res care, nos waiver/month
T2033 Res, nos waiver per diem
T2034 Crisis interven waiver/diem
T2035 Utility services waiver
T2036 Camp overnite waiver/session
T2037 Camp day waiver/session
T2038 Comm trans waiver/service
T2039 Vehicle mod waiver/service
T2040 Financial mgt waiver/15min
T2041 Support broker waiver/15 min
T2042 Hospice routine home care
T2043 Hospice continuous home care
T2044 Hospice respite care
T2045 Hospice general care
T2046 Hospice long term care, r&b
T2048 Bh ltc res r&b, per diem
T2049 N-et; stretcher van, mileage
T2101 Breast milk proc/store/dist
T4521 Adult size brief/diaper sm
T4522 Adult size brief/diaper med
T4523 Adult size brief/diaper lg
T4524 Adult size brief/diaper xl
T4525 Adult size pull-on sm
T4526 Adult size pull-on med
T4527 Adult size pull-on lg
T4528 Adult size pull-on xl
T4529 Ped size brief/diaper sm/med
T4530 Ped size brief/diaper lg
T4531 Ped size pull-on sm/med
T4532 Ped size pull-on lg
T4533 Youth size brief/diaper
T4534 Youth size pull-on
T4535 Disposable liner/shield/pad
T4536 Reusable pull-on any size
T4537 Reusable underpad bed size
T4538 Diaper serv reusable diaper
T4539 Reuse diaper/brief any size
T4540 Reusable underpad chair size
T4541 Large disposable underpad
T4542 Small disposable underpad
T4543 Adult disp brief/diap abv xl
T4544 Adlt disp und/pull on abv xl
T4545 Incon disposable penile wrap
T5001 Position seat spec orth need
T5999 Supply, nos