Table of Drugs and HCPCS codes

Intravenous administration includes all methods, such as gravity infusion, injections, and timed pushes. The ‘VAR’ posting denotes various routes of administration and is used for drugs that are commonly administered into joints, cavities, tissues, or topical applications, in addition to other parenteral administrations. Listings posted with ‘OTH’ indicate other administration methods, such as suppositories or catheter injections.

Method Index

  • IA - Intra-arterial administration
  • IV - Intravenous administration
  • IM - Intramuscular administration
  • IT - Intrathecal
  • SC - Subcutaneous administration
  • INH - Administration by inhaled solution
  • VAR - Various routes of administration
  • OTH - Other routes of administration
  • ORAL - Administered orally
Name Optional Text Dose Method Hcpcs Codes
Abatacept 10 mg IV J0129
Abbokinase, see Urokinase
Abbokinase, Open Cath see Urokinase
Abciximab 10 mg IV J0130
Abelcet see Amphotericin B Lipid Complex
ABLC see Amphotericin B
AbobotulinumtoxintypeA 5 units IM J0586
Acetaminophen 10 mg IV J0131
Acetazolamide sodium up to 500 mg IM, IV J1120
Acetylcysteine, Injection 100 mg IV J0132
Acetylcysteine, unit dose form per gram INH J7604 , J7608
Achromycin see Tetracycline
Actemra see Tocilizumab
ACTH see Corticotropin
Acthar see Corticotropin
Actimmune see Interferon gamma 1-B
Activase see Alteplase recombinant
Acyclovir 5 mg J0133
Adalimumab 20 mg SC J0135
Adcetis see Brentuximab Vedotin
Adenocard see Adenosine
Adenoscan see Adenosine
Adenosine 1 mg IV J0153
Ado-trastuzumab Emtansine 1 mg IV J9354
Adrenalin, Chloride see Adrenalin 0.1 mg SC, IM J0171
Adriamycin PFS see Doxorubicin HCl
Adriamycin RDF see Doxorubicin HCl
Adrucil see Fluorouracil
Aflibercept 1 mg OTH J0178
Agalsidase beta 1 mg IV J0180
Aggrastat see Tirofiban hydrochloride
A-hydroCort see Hydrocortisone sodium phosphate
Akineton, see Biperiden
Alatrofloxacin mesylate, Injection 100 mg IV J0200
Albuterol 0.5 mg INH J7620
Albuterol, concentrated form 1 mg INH J7610 , J7611
Albuterol, unit dose form 1 mg INH J7609 , J7613
Aldesleukin per single use vial IM, IV J9015
Aldomet see Methyldopate HCl
Alefacept 0.5 mg IM, IV J0215
Alferon N see Interferon alfa-n3
Alglucerase per 10 units IV J0205
Alglucosidase alfa 10 mg IV J0220 , J0221
Alkaban-AQ see Vinblastine sulfate
Alkeran see Melphalan oral human 10 mg IV J0256 , J0257
Alphanate J7186
Alprostadil, Injection 1.25 mcg OTH J0270
Alprostadil, urethral suppository OTH J0275
Alteplase recombinant 1 mg IV J2997
Alupent see Metaproterenol sulfate or Metaproterenol compounded
Amcort see Triamcinolone diacetate
A-methaPred see Methylprednisolone sodium succinate
Amgen see Interferon alphacon-1
Amifostine 500 mg IV J0207
Amikacin sulfate 100 mg J0278
Aminolevalinic acid Hcl unit dose (354 mg) OTH J7308
Aminolevulinic acid Hcl 10% Gel 10 mg OTH J7345
Aminolevulinate 1 gm OTH J7309
Aminophylline/Aminophyllin up to 250 mg IV J0280
Amiodarone HCl 30 mg IV J0282
Amitriptyline HCl up to 20 mg IM J1320
Amobarbital up to 125 mg IM, IV J0300
Amphocin "see Amphotericin B"""
Amphotericin B 50 mg IV J0285
Amphotericin B, lipid complex 10 mg IV J0287 , J0289
Ampicillin sodium up to 500 mg IM, IV J0290
Ampicillin sodium/sulbactam sodium per 1.5 gm IM, IV J0295
Amygdalin see Laetrile Amygdalin vitamin B-17 Amytal"" ""see Amobarbital"""
Anabolin LA 100 see Nandrolone decanoate
Anadulafungin 1 mg IV J0348
Anascorp see Centruroides Immune F(ab)
Ancef see Cefazolin sodium
Andrest 90-4 see Testosterone enanthate and estradiol valerate
Andro-Cyp see Testosterone cypionate
Andro-Cyp 200 see Testosterone cypionate
Andro L.A. 200 see Testosterone enanthate
Andro-Estro 90-4 see Testosterone enanthate and estradiol valerate
Andro/Fem see Testosterone cypionate and estradiol cypionate
Androgyn L.A. see Testosterone enanthate and estradiol valerate
Androlone-50 see Nandrolone phenpropionate
Androlone-D 100 see Nandrolone
Andronaq-50 see Testosterone suspension
Andronaq-LA see Testosterone cypionate
Andronate-200 see Testosterone cypionate
Andronate-100 see Testosterone cypionate
Andropository 100 see Testosterone enanthate
Andryl 200 see Testosterone enanthate
Anectine see Succinylcholine chloride
Anergan 25 see Promethazine HCl
Anergan 50 see Promethazine HCl
Anistreplase 30 units IV J0350
Anti-Inhibitor per IU IV J7198
Antispas see Dicyclomine HCl
Antithrombin III (human) per IU IV J7197
Antithrombin recombinant 50 IU IV J7196
Anzemet see Dolasetron mesylate Injection
A.P.L. see Chorionic gonadotropin
Apomorphine Hydrochloride 1 mg SC J0364
Aprepitant 1 mg IV J0185
Apresoline see Hydralazine HCl
Aprotinin 10,000 kiu J0365
AquaMEPHYTON see Vitamin K
Aralen see Chloroquine HCl
Aramine see Metaraminol
Aranesp see Darbepoetin Alfa
Arbutamine 1 mg IV J0395
Arcalyst see Rilanocept
Aredia see Pamidronate disodium
Arfonad see Trimethaphan camsylate
Arformoterol tartrate 15 mcg INH J7605
Argatroban (for non-esrd use) 1 mg IV J0883
(for esrd use) 1 mg IV J0884
Aridol see Mannitol
Aripiprazole 0.25 mg IM J0400
Aripiprazole, extended release 1 mg IV J0401
Aripiprazole lauroxil (aristada) 1 mg IV J1944
Aripiprazole lauroxil (aristada initio) 1 mg IV J1943
Aripiprazole lauroxil 1 mg IV J1942
Aristocort Forte see Triamcinolone diacetate
Aristocort Intralesional see Triamcinolone diacetate
Aristospan Intra-Articular, see Triamcinolone hexacetonide
Aristospan Intralesional see Triamcinolone hexacetonide
Arrestin see Trimethobenzamide HCl
Arsenic trioxide 1 mg IV J9017
Arzerra see Ofatumumab
Asparaginase 1,000 units IV, IM J9019
Astramorph PF see Morphine sulfate
Atezolizumab 10 mg IV J9022
Atgam see Lymphocyte immune globulin
Ativan see Lorazepam
Atropine, concentrated form per mg INH J7635
Atropine, unit dose form per mg INH J7636
Atropine sulfate 0.01 mg IV, IM, SC J0461
Atrovent see Ipratropium
Atryn see Antithrombin recombinant
Aurothioglucose up to 50 mg IM J2910
Autologous cultured chondrocytes implant OTH J7330
Autoplex T see Hemophilia clotting factors
Avelumab 10 mg IV J9023
Avonex see Interferon beta-1a
Azacitidine 1 mg SC J9025
Azathioprine 50 mg ORAL J7500
Azathioprine, parenteral 100 mg IV J7501
Azithromycin, dihydrate 1 gm ORAL Q0144
Azithromycin, injection 500 mg IV J0456
Baclofen 10 mg IT J0475
Baclofen for intrathecal trial 50 mcg OTH J0476
Bactocill see Oxacillin sodium
BAL in oil see Dimercaprol
Banflex see Orphenadrine citrate
Basiliximab 20 mg J0480
BCG live intravesical instillation 1 mg OTH J9030
BCG (Bacillus Calmette and Guérin), live per vial instillation IV J9031
Beclomethasone inhalation solution, unit dose form per mg INH J7622
Belatacept 1 mg IV J0485
Belimumab 10 mg IV J0490
Belinostat 10 mg IV J9032
Bena-D 10 see Diphenhydramine HCl
Bena-D 50 see Diphenhydramine HCl
Benadryl see Diphenhydramine HCl
Benahist 10 see Diphenhydramine HCl
Benahist 50 see Diphenhydramine HCl
Ben-Allergin-50 see Diphenhydramine HCl
Bendamustine HCl (Treanda) 1 mg IV J9033
Bendamustine HCl (Bendeka) 1 mg IV J9034
Bendamustine HCl (Belrapzo/bendamustine) 1 mg IV J9036
Benefix see Factor IX recombinant
Benlysta see Belimumab
Benoject-10 see Diphenhydramine HCl
Benoject-50 see Diphenhydramine HCl
Bentyl see Dicyclomine
Benralizumab 1 mg IV J0517
Benztropine mesylate per 1 mg IM, IV J0515
Berinert see C-1 esterase inhibitor
Berubigen see Vitamin B-12 cyanocobalamin
Beta amyloid per study dose OTH A9599
Betalin 12 see Vitamin B-12 cyanocobalamin
Betameth see Betamethasone sodium phosphate
Betamethasone acetate
& betamethasone sodium phosphate per 3 mg IM J0702
Betamethasone inhalation solution, unit dose form per mg INH J7624
Betaseron see Interferon beta-1b
Bethanechol chloride up to 5 mg SC J0520
Bevacizumab 10 mg IV J9035
Bevacizumab-awwb 10 mg IV Q5107
Bevacizumab- bvzr (Zirabev) 10 mg IV Q5118
Beziotoxumab 10 mg IV J0565
Bicillin L-A see Penicillin G benzathine
Bicillin C-R 900/300 see Penicillin G procaine and penicillin G benzathine
Bicillin C-R see Penicillin G benzathine and penicillin G procaine
BiCNU see Carmustine
Biperiden lactate per 5 mg IM, IV J0190
Bitolterol mesylate,concentrated form per mg INH J7628
Bitolterol mesylate,unit dose form per mg INH J7629
Bivalirudin 1 mg IV J0583
Blenoxane see Bleomycin sulfate
Bleomycin sulfate 15 units IM, IV, SC J9040
Blinatumomab 1 microgram IV J9039
Bortezomib 0.1 mg IV J9041
Bortezomib, not otherwise specified 0.1 mg IV J9044
Botox see OnabotulinumtoxinA
Brentuximab Vedotin 1 mg IV J9042
Brethine see Terbutaline sulfate or Terbutaline compounded
Bricanyl Subcutaneous see Terbutaline sulfate
Brolucizumab- dbll 1 mg OTH J0179
Brompheniramine maleate per 10 mg IM, SC, IV J0945
Bronkephrine see Ethylnorepinephrine HCl
Bronkosol see Isoetharine HCl
Budesonide inhalation solution, concentrated form0.25 mg INH J7633 , J7634
Budesonide inhalation solution, unit dose form 0.5 mg INH J7626 , J7627
Buprenorphine Hydrochloride 0.1 mg IM J0592
Buprenorphine/Naloxone 1 mg ORAL J0571
Buprenorphine/Naloxone <=3 mg ORAL J0572
Buprenorphine/Naloxone >3 mg but <=6 mg ORAL J0573
Buprenorphine/Naloxone >6 mg but <=10 mg ORAL J0574
Buprenorphine/Naloxone >10 mg ORAL J0575
Burenorphine extended release <=100 mg ORAL Q9991
Burenorphine extended release >100 mg ORAL Q9992
Burosumab-twza 1 mg IV J0584
Busulfan 1 mg IV J0594
Busulfan 2 mg ORAL J8510
Butorphanol tartrate 1 mg J0595
C1 Esterase Inhibitor 10 units IV J0596 , J0599
Cabazitaxel 1 mg IV J9043
Cabergoline .25 mg ORAL J8515
Cafcit see Caffeine citrate
Caffeine citrate 5 mg IV J0706
Caine-1 see Lidocaine Hcl
Caine-2 see Lidocaine HCl
Calaspargase pegol – mknl 10 units IV J9118
Calcijex see Calcitriol
Calcimar see Calcitonin-salmon
Calcitonin-salmon up to 400 units SC, IM J0630
Calcitriol 0.1 mcg IM J0636
Calcium Disodium Versenate see Edetate calcium disodium
Calcium gluconate per 10 ml IV J0610
Calcium glycerophosphate & calcium lactate per 10 ml IM, SC J0620
Caldolor see Ibuprofen
Calphosan see Calcium glycerophosphate and calcium lactate
Camptosar see Irinotecan
Canakinumab 1 mg SC J0638
Capecitabine 150 mg ORAL J8520
Capecitabine 500 mg ORAL J8521
Capsaicin patch per sq cm OTH J7336
Carbidopa 5 mg/levodopa 20 mg enteral suspension IV J7340
Carbocaine with Neo-Cobefrin see Mepivacaine
Carbocaine see Mepivacaine
Carboplatin 50 mg IV J9045
Carfilzomib 1 mg IV J9047
Carmustine 100 mg IV J9050
Carnitor see Levocarnitine
Carticel see Autologous cultured chondrocytes
Caspofungin acetate 5 mg IV J0637
Cayston see Aztreonam
Cefadyl see Cephapirin Sodium
Cefazolin sodium 500 mg IV, IM J0690
Cefepime hydrochloride 500 mg IV J0692
Cefizox see Ceftizoxime sodium
Cefotaxime sodium per 1 g IV, IM J0698
Cefoxitin sodium 1 g IV, IM J0694
Ceftaroline fosamil 1 mg J0712
Ceftazidime per 500 mg IM, IV J0713
Ceftazidime and avibactam 0.5 g/0.125 g IV J0714
Ceftizoxime sodium per 500 mg IV, IM J0715
Ceftriaxone sodium per 250 mg IV, IM J0696
Ceftolozane 50 mg and tazobactam 25 mg IV J0695
Cefuroxime sodium, sterile per 750 mg IM, IV J0697
Celestone Soluspan see Betamethasone acetate
and betamethasone sodium phosphate
CellCept see Mycophenolate mofetil
Cel-U-Jec see Betamethasone sodium phosphate
Cenacort Forte see Triamcinolone diacetate
Cenacort A-40 see Triamcinolone acetonide
Centruroides Immune F(ab) up to 120 mg IV J0716
Cephalothin sodium up to 1 g IM, IV J1890
Cephapirin sodium up to 1 g IV, IM J0710
Ceredase see Alglucerase
Cerliponase alfa 1 mg IV J0567
Certolizumab pegol 1 mg SC J0717
Cerubidine see Daunorubicin HCl
Cetuximab 10 mg IV J9055
Chealamide see Endrate ethylenediamine-tetra-acetic acid
Chloramphenicol sodium succinate up to 1 g IV J0720
Chlordiazepoxide HCl up to 100 mg IM, IV J1990
Chloromycetin Sodium Succinate see Chloramphenicol sodium succinate
Chloroprocaine HCl per 30 ml VAR J2400
Chlorpromazine 5 mg ORAL Q0161
Chloroquine HCl up to 250 mg IM J0390
Chlorothiazide sodium per 500 mg IV J1205
Chlorpromazine HCl up to 50 mg IM, IV J3230
Chorex-5 see Chorionic gonadotropin
Chorex-10 see Chorionic gonadotropin
Chorignon see Chorionic gonadotropin
Chorionic gonadotropin per 1,000 USP units IM J0725
Choron 10 see Chorionic gonadotropin
Cidofovir 375 mg IV J0740
Cilastatin sodium, imipenem per 250 mg IV, IM J0743
Cimzia see Certolizumab pegol ORAL Q4079
Cinryze see C1 Esterase Inhibitor
Cipro IV see Ciprofloxacin
Ciprofloxacin 200 mg IV J0706
octic suspension 6 mg OTH J7342
Cisplatin, powder or solution per 10 mg IV J9060
Cladribine per mg IV J9065
Claforan see Cefotaxime sodium
Clofarabine 1 mg IV J9027
Clonidine Hydrochloride 1 mg epidural J0735
Cobex see Vitamin B-12 cyanocobalamin
Codeine phosphate per 30 mg IM, IV, SC J0745
Codimal-A see Brompheniramine maleate
Cogentin see Benztropine mesylate
Collagenase, Clostridium Histolyticum 0.01 mg OTH J0775
Colistimethate sodium up to 150 mg IM, IV J0770
Coly-Mycin M see Colistimethate sodium
Compa-Z see Prochlorperazine
Copanlisib 1 mg IV J9057
Compazine see Prochlorperazine
Compounded drug, not otherwise classified J7999
Cophene-B see Brompheniramine maleate
Copper contraceptive, intrauterine OTH J7300
Cordarone see Amiodarone HCl
Corgonject-5 see Chorionic gonadotropin
Corticorelin ovine triflutate 1 mcg J0795
Corticotropin up to 40 units IV, IM, SC J0800
Cortrosyn see Cosyntropin
C osmegen see Dactinomycin
Cotranzine see Prochlorperazine
Crofab see Crotalidae Polyvalent Immune Fab
Cromolyn sodium, unit dose form per 10 mg INH J7631 , J7632
Crotalidae immune f(ab’)2 (equine) 120 mg IV J0841
Crotalidae Polyvalent Immune Fab up to 1 gram IV J0840
Crysticillin 300 A.S. see Penicillin G procaine
Crysticillin 600 A.S. see Penicillin G procaine
Cyclophosphamide 100 mg IV J9070
Cyclophosphamide, oral 25 mg ORAL J8530
Cyclosporine, oral 25 mg ORAL J7515
Cyclosporine, oral 100 mg ORAL J7502
Cyclosporine, parenteral 250 mg IV J7516
Cytarabine 100 mg SC, IV J9100
Cytarabine liposome 10 mg IT J9098
Cytomegalovirus immune globulin intravenous(human)per vial IV J0850
Cytosar-U see Cytarabine
Cytovene see Ganciclovir sodium
Cytoxan see Cyclophosphamide; cyclophosphamide lyophilized; and cyclophosphamide oral"
D-5-W, infusion 1000 cc IV J7070
Dacarbazine 100 mg IV J9130
Daclizumab 25 mg IV J7513
Dactinomycin 0.5 mg IV J9120
Dalalone see Dexamethasone sodium phosphate
Dalalone L.A. see Dexamethasone acetate
Dalbavancin 5 mg IV J0875
Dalteparin sodium per 2500 IU SC J1645
Daptomycin 1 mg IV J0878
Daratumumab 10 mg IV J9145
Darbepoetin Alfa 1 mcg IV, SC J0881 , J0882
Daunorubicin citrate, liposomal formulation 10 mg IV J9151
Daunorubicin HCl 10 mg IV J9150
Daunoxome see Daunorubicin citrate
DDAVP see Desmopressin acetate
Decadron Phosphate see Dexamethasone sodium phosphate
Decadron see Dexamethasone sodium phosphate
Decadron-LA see Dexamethasone acetate
Deca-Durabolin see Nandrolone decanoate
Decaject see Dexamethasone sodium phosphate
Decaject-L.A. see Dexamethasone acetate
Decitabine 1 mg IV J0894
Decolone-50 see Nandrolone decanoate
Decolone-100 see Nandrolone decanoate
De-Comberol see Testosterone cypionate and estradiol cypionate
Deferoxamine mesylate 500 mg IM, SC, IV J0895
Degarelix 1 mg SC J9155
Dehist see Brompheniramine maleate
Deladumone OB see Testosterone enanthate and estradiol valerate
Deladumone see Testosterone enanthate and estradiol valerate
Delatest see Testosterone enanthate
Delatestadiol see Testosterone enanthate and estradiol valerate
Delatestryl see Testosterone enanthate
Delta-Cortef see Prednisolone oral
Delestrogen see Estradiol valerate
Demadex see Torsemide
Demerol HCl see Meperidine HCl
Denileukin diftitox 300 mcg IV J9160
Denosumab 1 mg SC J0897
DepAndro 100 see Testosterone cypionate
DepAndro 200 see Testosterone cypionate
DepAndrogyn, see Testosterone cypionate and estradiol cypionate
DepGynogen, see Depo-estradiol cypionate
DepMedalone 40 "see Methylprednisolone"" acetate"
DepMedalone 80 "see Methylprednisolone"" acetate"
Depo-estradiol cypionate up to 5 mg IM J1000
Depogen see Depo-estradiol cypionate
Depoject see Methyprednisolone acetate
Depo-Medrol see Methylprednisolone acetate
Depopred-40 see Methylprednisolone acetate
Depopred-80 see Methylprednisolone acetate
Depo-Provera see Medroxyprogesterone acetate
Depotest see Testosterone cypionate
Depo-Testadiol see Testosterone cypionate and estradiol cypionate
Depotestogen see Testosterone cypionate and estradiol cypionate
Depo-Testosterone see Testosterone cypionate
Desferal Mesylate see Deferoxamine mesylate
Desmopressin acetate 1 mcg IV, SC J2597
Dexacen LA-8 see Dexamethasone acetate
Dexacen-4 see Dexamethasone sodium phosphate
Dexamethasone, concentrated form per mg INH J7637
Dexamethasone,unit form per mg INH J7638
Dexamethasone, intravitreal implant 0.1 mg OTH J7312
Dexamethasone, lacrimal ophthalmic insert 0.1 mg OTH J1096
Dexamethasone, oral 0.25 mg ORAL J8540
Dexamethasone acetate 1 mg IM J1094
Dexamethasone sodium phosphate 1 mg IM, IV, OTH J1100
Dexasone see Dexamethasone sodium phosphate
Dexasone L.A. see Dexamethasone acetate
Dexferrum see Iron Dextran
Dexone see Dexamethasone sodium phosphate
Dexone LA see Dexamethasone acetate
Dexrazoxane hydrochloride 250 mg IV J1190
Dextran 40 500 ml IV J7100
Dextran 75 500 ml IV J7110
Dextrose 5%/normal saline solution 500 ml = 1 unit IV J7042
Dextrose/water (5%) 500 ml = 1 unit IV J7060
D.H.E. 45 see Dihydroergotamine
Diamox see Acetazolamide sodium
Diazepam up to 5 mg IM, IV J3360
Diazoxide up to 300 mg IV J1730
Dibent see Dicyclomine HCl
Diclofenac sodium 37.5 IV J1130
Dicyclomine HCl up to 20 mg IM J0500
Didronel see Etidronate disodium
Diethylstilbestrol diphosphate 250 mg IV J9165
Diflucan see Fluconazole
Digoxin up to 0.5 mg IM, IV J1160
Digoxin immune fab (ovine) per vial J1162
Dihydrex see Diphenhydramine Hcl
Dihydroergotamine mesylate per 1 mg IM, IV J1110
Dilantin see Phenytoin sodium
Dilaudid see Hydromorphone HCl
Dilocaine see Lidocaine HCl
Dilomine see Dicyclomine HCl
Dilor see Dyphylline
Dimenhydrinate up to 50 mg IM, IV J1240
Dimercaprol per 100 mg IM J0470
Dimethyl sulfoxide see DMSO ""see Dimenhydrinate"""
Dioval see Estradiol valerate
Dioval 40 see Estradiol valerate
Dioval XX see Estradiol valerate
Diphenacen-50 see Diphenhydramine HCl
Diphenhydramine HCl, Injection up to 50 mg IV, IM J1200
Diphenhydramine HCl, oral 50 mg ORAL Q0163
Dipyridamole per 10 mg IV J1245
Disotate see Endrate ethylenediamine-tetra-acetic acid
Di-Spaz see Dicyclomine HCl
Ditate-DS see Testosterone enanthate and estradiol valerate
Diuril Sodium see Chlorothiazide sodium
D-Med 80 see Methylprednisolone acetate
DMSO, Dimethyl sulfoxide 50%, 50 ml OTH J1212
Dobutamine HCl per 250 mg IV J1250
Dobutrex see Dobutamine Hcl
Docetaxel 20 mg IV J9170
Dolasetron mesylate, Injection 10 mg IV J1260
Dolasetron mesylate, tablets 100 mg ORAL Q0180
Dolophine HCl see Methadone Hcl
Dommanate see Dimenhydrinate
Donbax see Doripenem
Dopamine HCl 40 mg J1265
Doribax see Doripenem
Doripenem 10 mg IV J1267
Dornase alpha, unit dose form per mg INH J7639
Doxercalciferol 1 mcg IV J1270
Doxil see Doxorubicin HCL lipid""
Doxorubicin HCL 10 mg IV J9000
Dramamine see Dimenhydrinate
Dramanate see Dimenhydrinate
Dramilin see Dimenhydrinate
Dramocen see Dimenhydrinate
Dramoject see Dimenhydrinate
Dronabinol, oral 2.5 mg ORAL Q0167
Droperidol up to 5 mg IM, IV J1790
Drug administered through a metered dose inhaler INH J3535
Droperidol and fentanyl citrate up to 2 ml ampule IM,IV J1810
DTIC-Dome see Dacarbazine
Dua-Gen L.A. see Testosterone enanthate and estradiol valerate cypionate
Duoval P.A. see Testosterone enanthate and estradiol valerate
Durabolin see Nandrolone phenpropionate
Duraclon see Clonidine Hydrochloride
Dura-Estrin see Depo-estradiol cypionate
Duracillin A.S. see Penicillin G procaine
Duragen-10 see Estradiol valerate
Duragen-20 see Estradiol valerate
Duragen-40 see Estradiol valerate
Duralone-40 see Methylprednisolone acetate
Duralone-80 see Methylprednisolone acetate
Duralutin see Hydroxyprogesterone Caproate
Duramorph see Morphine sulfate
Duratest-100 see Testosterone cypionate
Duratest-200 see Testosterone cypionate
Duratestrin see Testosterone cypionate and estradiol cypionate
Durathate-200 see Testosterone enanthate
Durvalumab 10 mg IV J9173
Dymenate see Dimenhydrinate
Dyphylline up to 500 mg IM J1180
Dysport see AbobotulinumtoxintypeA
Ecallantide 1 mg SC J1290
Eculizumab 10 mg IV J1300
Edaravone 1 mg IV J1301
Edetate calcium disodium up to 1000 mg IV, SC, IM J0600
Edetate disodium per 150 mg IV J3520
Elavil see Amitriptyline HCl
Ellence see Epirubicin HCl
Elliotts b solution 1 ml OTH J9175
Elosulfase alfa 1 mg IV J1322
Elotuzumab 1 mg IV J9176
Elspar see Asparaginase
Emapalunab – lzsg 1 mg IV J9210
Emend see Fosaprepitant
Emete-Con see Benzquinamide
Eminase see Anistreplase
Enbrel see Etanercept
Endrate ethylenediamine-tetra-acetic acid see Edetate disodium
Enfuvirtide 1 mg SC J1324
Enovil see Amitriptyline HCl
Enoxaparin sodium 10 mg SC J1650
Eovist see Gadoxetate disodium
Epinephrine, adrenalin 0.1 mg SC, IM J0171
Epirubicin hydrochloride 2 mg J9178
Epoetin alfa 100 units IV, SC Q4081
Epoetin alfa, non-ersd use 1000 units IV J0885
Epoetin alfa-epbx (Retacrit)non-ersd use 1000 units IV Q5106
Epoetin alfa-epbx (Retacrit)for-ersd use 100 units IV Q5105
Epoetin alfa 100 IV, SC Q5105
Epoetin alfa 1000 units IV Q5106
Epoetin beta, esrd use 1 mcg IV J0887
Epoetin beta, non-esrd use 1 mcg IV J0888
Epoprostenol 0.5 mg IV J1325
Eptifibatide, Injection 5 mg IM, IV J1327
Eravacycline 1 mg IV J0122
Ergonovine maleate up to 0.2 mg IM, IV J1330
Eribulin mesylate 0.1 mg IV J9179
Ertapenem sodium 500 mg IM, IV J1335
Erwinase see Asparaginase
Erythromycin lactobionate 500 mg IV J1364
Estra-D see Depo-estradiol cypionate
Estra-L 20 see Estradiol valerate
Estra-L 40 see Estradiol valerate
Estra-Testrin see Testosterone enanthate and estradiol valerate
Estradiol Cypionate see Depo-estradiol cypionate
Estradiol L.A. see Estradiol valerate
Estradiol L.A. 20 see Estradiol valerate
Estradiol L.A. 40 see Estradiol valerate
Estradiol valerate up to 10 mg IM J1380
Estro-Cyp see Depo-estradiol cypionate
Estrogen, conjugated per 25 mg IV, IM J1410
Estroject L.A. see Depo-estradiol cypionate
Estrone per 1 mg IM J1435
Estrone 5 see Estrone
Estrone Aqueous see Estrone
Estronol see Estrone
Estronol-L.A. see Depo-estradiol cypionate
Etanercept, Injection 25 mg IM, IV J1438
Etelcalcetide 0.1 mg IV Q4078
Eteplirsen 10 mg IV J1428
Ethanolamine 100 mg J1430
Ethyol see Amifostine
Etidronate disodium per 300 mg IV J1436
Etonogestrel implant J7307
Etopophos see Etoposide
Etoposide 10 mg IV J9181
Etoposide, oral 50 mg ORAL J8560
Euflexxa per dose OTH J7323
Everolimus, oral 0.25 mg ORAL J7527
Everone see Testosterone Enanthate
Eylea see Aflibercept
Factor VIIa (coagulation factor, recombinant) 1 mcg IV J7189
Factor VIII (anti-hemophilic factor, human) per IU IV J7190
Factor VIII (anti-hemophilic factor, porcine) per IU IV J7191
Factor VIII (anti-hemophilic factor, recombinant) per IU IV J7182 , J7185 , J7192 , J7188
Factor VIII (anti-hemophilic factor, per IU IV J7208
Factor VIII fc fusion (recombinant) per IU IV J7205 , J7207 , J7209
Factor VIII (anti-hemophilic factor recombinant)
(Kovaltry) (Afstyla) per IU IV J7210
(Kovaltry) Per IU IV J7211
Factor IX (anti-hemophilic, factor, purified, non-recombinant) per IU IV J7193
Factor IX (anti-hemophilic, factor, recombinant) per IU IV J7195 , J7200 , J7202
Factor IX, complex per IU IV J7194
Factor X (human) per IU IV J7175
Factor XIII A-subunit (recombinant) per IU IV J7181
Factors, other hemophilia clotting per IU IV J7196
Factrel see Gonadorelin HCl
Feiba VH Immuno see Factors other hemophilia clotting
Fentanyl citrate 0.1 mg IM, IV J3010
Feraheme see Ferumoxytol
Ferric carboxymaltose 1 mg IV J1439
Ferric pyrophosphate citrate powder 0.1 mg of iron IV J1444
Ferric pyrophosphate citrate solution 0.1 mg of iron IV J1443
Ferrlecit see Sodium ferricgluconate complex in sucrose Injection
Ferumoxytol 1 mg Q0138 , Q0139
Filgrastim-aafi 1 mcg IV Q5110
Filgrastim (G-CSF) 1 mcg SC, IV J1442 , Q5101
Filgrastim (TBO) 1 mcg IV J1447
Firazyr see Icatibant
Firmagon see Degarelix
Flebogamma 500 mg IV J1572
Flexoject see Orphenadrine citrate
Flexon see Orphenadrine citrate
Flolan see Epoprostenol
Florbetaben f18, diagnostic per study dose IV Q9983
Floxuridine 500 mg IV J9200
Fluconazole 200 mg IV J1450
Fludara see Fludarabine phosphate
Fludarabine phosphate 1 mg ORAL J8562
Fludarabine phosphate 50 mg IV J9185
Flunisolide inhalation solution, unit dose form per mg INH J7641
Fluocinolone OTH J7311 , J7313
Fluocinolone acetonide (Yutiq) 0.01 mg OTH J7314
Fluorouracil 500 mg IV J9190
Flutemetamol f18, diagnostic per study dose IV Q9982
Folex see Methotrexate sodium
Folex PFS see Methotrexate sodium
Follutein see Chorionic gonadotropin
Folotyn see Pralatrexate
Fomepizole 15 mg J1451
Fomivirsen sodium 1.65 mg Intraocular J1452
Fondaparinux sodium 0.5 mg SC J1652
Formoterol 12 mcg INH J7640
Formoterol fumarate 20 mcg INH J7606
Fortaz see Ceftazidime
Fosaprepitant 1 mg IV J1453
Foscarnet sodium per 1,000 mg IV J1455
Foscavir see Foscarnet sodium
Fosnetupitant and Palonosetron 235 mg and 0.25 mg IV J1454
Fosphenytoin 50 mg IV Q2009
Fremanezumab- vfrm 1 mg IV J3031
FUDR see Floxuridine
Fulvestrant 25 mg IM J9395
Fungizone Intravenous, see Amphotericin B
Furomide M.D. see Furosemide
Furosemide up to 20 mg IM, IV J1940
Gadoxetate disodium 1 ml IV A9581
Gallium nitrate 1 mg IV J1457
Galsulfase 1 mg IV J1458
Gamastan see Gamma globulin and Immune globulin
Gammagard Liquid 500 mg IV J1569
Gamma globulin 1 cc IM J1460
Gamma globulin over 10 cc IM J1560
Gammaplex 500 mg IV J1557
Gammar see Gamma globulin and Immune globulin
Gammar-IV see Immune globulin intravenous (human)
Gamulin RH see Rho(D) immune globulin
Gamunex 500 mg IV J1561
Ganciclovir, implant 4.5 mg OTH J7310
Ganciclovir sodium 500 mg IV J1570
Garamycin, gentamicin up to 80 mg IM, IV J1580
Gatifloxacin 10 mg IV J1590
Gefitinib 250 mg ORAL J8565
Gel-One per dose OTH J7326
Gemcitabine HCl not otherwise specified 200 mg IV J9201
Gemcitabine HCI (Infugem) 200 mg IV J9199
Gemsar see Gemcitabine Hcl
Gemtuzumab ozogamicin 5 mg IV J9300
Gentamicin Sulfate see Garamycin gentamicin
Gentran see Dextran 40
Gentran 75 see Dextran 75
Gesterol 50 see Progesterone
Glassia 10 mg IV J0257
Glatiramer Acetate 20 mg SC J1595
Glucagon Hcl per 1 mg SC, IM, IV J1610
Glukor see Chorionic gonadotropin
Glycopyrrolate, concentrated form per 1 mg INH J7642
Glycopyrrolate, unit dose form per 1 mg INH J7643
Gold sodium thiomalate up to 50 mg IM J1600
Golimumab 1 mg IV J1602
Gonadorelin HCl per 100 mcg SC, IV J1620
Gonic see Chorionic gonadotropin
Goserelin acetate implant per 3.6 mg SC J9202
Granisetron, extended release 0.1 mg IV J1627
Granisetron HCl, Injection 100 mcg IV J1626
Guselkumab 1 mg IV J1628
Granisetron HCl, oral 1 mg ORAL Q0166
Gynogen L.A. A10,@ see Estradiol valerate
Gynogen L.A. A20,@ see Estradiol valerate
Gynogen L.A. A40,@ see Estradiol valerate
Halaven see Eribulin mesylate
Haldol see Haloperidol
Haldol up to 5 mg IM, IV J1630
Haloperidol decanoate per 50 mg IM J1631
Hectoral see Doxercalciferol
Hemin 1 mg J1640
Hemofil M see Factor VIII
Hemophilia clotting factors(e.g., anti-inhibitors) per IU IV J7198
Hemophilia clotting factors, NOC per IU IV J7199
Hepagam B 0.5 ml IM J1571
Hepagam B 0.5 ml IV J1573
Hep-Lock see Heparin sodium (heparin lock flush)
Hep-Lock U/P see Heparin sodium (heparin lock flush)
Heparin sodium 1,000 units IV, SC J1644
Heparin sodium (heparin lock flush) 10 units IV J1642
Herceptin see Trastuzumab
Hexadrol Phosphate see Dexamethasone sodium phosphate
Hexaminolevulinate hydrochloride 100 mg IV A9589
Histaject see Brompheniramine maleate
Histerone 50 see Testosterone suspension
Histerone 100 see Testosterone suspension
Histrelin acetate 10 mcg J1675
Histrelin implant 50 mg OTH J9225
Hizentra see Immune globulin
Human fibrinogen concentrate 100 mg IV J7178
Human fibrinogen concentrate (fibryga) 1 mg IV J7177
Hyalgan, Supartz or VISCO-3 IA J7321
Hyaluronan or derivative per dose IV J7327
Durolane 1 mg IA J7318
Gel-Syn 0.1 mg IA J7328
Gen Visc 850 1 mg IA J7320
Hymovis 1 mg IA J7322
Gelsyn-3 0.1 IV J7328
Triluron 1 mg IV J7332
Trivisc 1 mg IV J7329
Synojoynt 1 mg VAR J7331
Hyaluronidase up to 150 units SC, IV J3470
Hyaluronidase, ovine up to 999 units VAR J3471
Hyaluronidase, ovine per 1000 units VAR J3472
Hyaluronidase recombinant 1 usp SC J3473
Hyate:C see Factor VIII (anti-hemophilic factor (porcine))
Hybolin Improved see Nandrolone phenpropionate
Hybolin Decanoate see Nandrolone decanoate
Hycamtin see Topotecan
Hydralazine HCl up to 20 mg IV, IM J0360
Hydrate see Dimenhydrinate
Hydrocortisone acetate up to 25 mg IV, IM, SC J1700
Hydrocortisone sodium phosphate up to 50 mg IV, IM, SC J1710
Hydrocortisone succinate sodium up to 100 mg IV, IM, SC J1720
Hydrocortone Acetate see Hydrocortisone acetate
Hydrocortone Phosphate see Hydrocortisone sodium phosphate
Hydromorphone HCl up to 4 mg SC, IM, IV J1170
Hydroxyprogesterone, Caproate 1 mg IM J1725
Hydroxyprogesterone, Caproate, NOS 10 mg IV J1729
Hydroxyprogesterone, Caproate, (Makena) 10 mg IV J1726
Hydroxyzine up to 25 mg IM, HCI J3410
Hydroxyzine Pamoate 25 mg ORAL Q0177
Hylan G-F 20 OTH J7322
Hyoscyamine sulfate up to 0.25 mg SC, IM, IV J1980
Hyperstat IV see Diazoxide
Hyper-Tet see Tetanus immune globulin human
HypRho-D see Rho(D) immune globulin
Hyrexin-50 see Diphenhydramine HCl
Hyzine-50 see Hydroxyzine HCl
Ibalizumab-uiyk 10 mg IV J1746
Ibandronate sodium 1 mg IV J1740
Ibuprofen 100 mg IV J1741
Ibutilide fumarate 1 mg IV J1742
Icatibant 1 mg SC J1744
Idamycin see Idarubicin HCl
Idarubicin HCl 5 mg IV J9211
Idursulfase 1 mg IV J1743
Ifex see Ifosfamide
Ifosfamide 1 g IV J9208
Ilaris see Canakinumab
Iloprost 20 mcg INH Q4074
Ilotycin see Erythromycin gluceptate
Imferon see Iron dextran
Imiglucerase 10 units IV J1786
Imitrex see Sumatriptan succinate
Immune globulin
Bivigam 500 mg IV J1556
Flebogamma 500 mg IV J1572
Gammagard Liquid 500 mg IV J1569
Gammaplex 500 mg IV J1557
Gamunex 500 mg IV J1561
HepaGam B 0.5 ml IM J1571
HepaGam B 0.5 ml IV J1573
Hizentra 100 mg SC J1559
Hyaluronidase, 100 mg IV J1575
NOS 500 mg IV J1566 , J1599
Octagam 500 mg IV J1568
Privigen 500 mg IV J1459
Rhophylac 100 IU IM J2791
Subcutaneous 100 mg SC J1562
Cuvitru 100 mg IV J1555
Immunosuppressive drug, not otherwise classified J7599
Imuran see Azathioprine
Inapsine see Droperidol
Incobotulinumtoxin type A 1 unit IM J0588
Inderal see Propranolol HCl
Infed see Iron Dextran
Infergen see Interferon alfa-1
Infliximab-dyyb 10 mg IM, IV Q5103
Infliximab-abda 10 mg IM, IV Q5104
Infliximab-qbtx 10 mg IM, IV Q5109
Injection factor ix, glycopegylated 1 iu IV J7203
Innohep see Tinzarparin
Innovar see Droperidol with fentanyl citrate
Inotuzumab ozogamicin 0.1 mg IV J9229
Insulin 5 units SC J1815
Insulin lispro 50 units SC J1817
Intal see Cromolyn sodium or Cromolyn sodium compounded
Integrilin, Injection see Eptifibatide
Interferon alphacon-1, recombinant 1 mcg SC J9212
Interferon alfa-2a, recombinant 3 million units SC, IM J9213
Interferon alfa-2b, recombinant 1 million units SC, IM J9214
Interferon alfa-n3 (human leukocyte derived) 250,000 IU IM J9215
Interferon beta-1a 30 mcg IM J1826
Interferon beta-1a 1 mcg IM Q3027
Interferon beta-1a 1 mcg SC Q3028
Interferon beta-1b 0.25 mg SC J1830
Interferon gamma-1b 3 million units SC J9216
Intrauterine copper contraceptive see Copper contraceptive intrauterine
Invega Sustenna see Paliperidone Palmitate
Ipilimumab 1 mg IV J9228
Ipratropium bromide, unit dose form per mg INH J7644 , J7645
Irinotecan 20 mg IV J9206 , J9205
Iron dextran 50 mg IV J1750
Iron sucrose 1 mg IV J1756
Irrigation solution for tx of bladder calculi per 50 ml OTH Q2004
Isavuconazonium 1 mg IV J1833
Isocaine HCl see Mepivacaine
Isoetharine HCl, concentrated form per mg INH J7647 , J7648
Isoetharine Hcl, unit dose form per mg INH J7649 , J7650
Isoproterenol HCl, concentrated form per mg INH J7657 , J7658
Isoproterenol Hcl, unit dose form per mg INH J7659 , J7660
Istodax see Romidepsin
Isuprel see Isoproterenol HCl
Itraconazole 50 mg IV J1835
Ixabepilone 1 mg IV J9207
Ixempra see Ixabepilone
Jenamicin see Garamycin gentamicin
Jevtana see Cabazitaxel
Kabikinase see Streptokinase
Kalbitor see Ecallantide
Kaleinate see Calcium gluconate
Kanamycin sulfate up to 75 mg IM, IV J1850
Kanamycin sulfate up to 500 mg IM, IV J1840
Kantrex see Kanamycin sulfate
Keflin see Cephalothin sodium
Kefurox see Cufuroxime sodium
Kefzol see Cefazolin sodium
Kenaject-40 see Triamcinolone acetonide
Keroxx 1 cc IV Q4202
Kenalog-10 see Triamcinolone acetonide
Kenalog-40 see Triamcinolone acetonide
Keppra see Levetiracetam
Kestrone 5 see Estrone
Ketorolac tromethamine per 15 mg IM, IV J1885
Key-Pred 25 see Prednisolone acetate
Key-Pred 50 see Prednisolone acetate
Key-Pred-SP see Prednisolone sodium phosphate
K-Flex see Orphenadrine citrate
Khapzory 0.5 mg IV J0642
Klebcil see Kanamycin sulfate
Koate-HP see Factor VIII
Kogenate see Factor VIII
Konakion see Vitamin K phytonadione etc. Konyne-80"" ""see Factor IX complex"""
Krystexxa see Pegloticase
Kytril see Granisetron HCl
Kyleena 19.5 mg
Lanadelumab - flyo 1 mg IV J0593
L.A.E. 20 see Estradiol valerate
Laetrile, Amygdalin, vitamin B-17 J3570
Lanoxin see Digoxin
Lanreotide 1 mg SC J1930
Largon see Propiomazine HCl
Laronidase 0.1 mg IV J1931
Lasix see Furosemide
L-Caine see Lidocaine HCl
Lepirudin 50 mg J1945
Leucovorin calcium per 50 mg IM, IV J0640
Leukine see Sargramostim (GM-CSF)
Leuprolide acetate (for depot suspension) per 3.75 mg IM J1950
Leuprolide acetate (for depot suspension) 7.5 mg IM J9217
Leuprolide acetate per 1 mg IM J9218
Leuprolide acetate implant 65 mg OTH J9219
Leustatin see Cladribine
Levalbuterol HCl, concentrated form 0.5 mg INH J7607 , J7612
Levalbuterol HCl, unit dose form 0.5 mg INH J7614 , J7615
Levaquin I.U. see Levofloxacin
Levetiracetam 10 mg IV J1953
Levocarnitine per 1 gm IV J1955
Levo-Dromoran see Levorphanol tartrate
Levofloxacin 250 mg IV J1956
Levoleucovorin calcium 0.5 mg IV J0641
Levonorgestrel implant OTH J7306
Levonorgestrel releasing intrauterin contraceptive 52 mg OTH J7297 , J7298
Levorphanol tartrate up to 2 mg SC, IV J1960
Levsin see Hyoscyamine sulfate
Levulan Kerastick see Aminolevulinic acid HCl
Lexiscan see Regadenoson
Librium see Chlordiazepoxide HCl
Lidocaine HCl 10 mg IV J2001
Lidoject-1 see Lidocaine HCl
Lidoject-2 see Lidocaine HCl
Lincocin see Lincomycin HCl
Lincomycin HCl up to 300 mg IV J2010
Linezolid 200 mg IV J2020
Liquaemin Sodium see Heparin sodium
Lioresal see Baclofen
Cytarabine 2.27 mg IV J9153
Daunorubicin 1 mg IV J9153
LMD (10%) see Dextran 40
Lovenox see Enoxaparin sodium
Lorazepam 2 mg IM, IV J2060
Lufyllin see Dyphylline
Luminal Sodium see Phenobarbitol sodium
Lumizyme see Alglucosidase alfa
Lunelle see Medroxyprogesterone acetate/estradiol cypionate
Lupron see Leuprolide acetate
Lyophilized see Cyclophosphamide lyophilized
Loxapine 1 mg OTH J2062
Magnesium sulfate 500 mg J3475
Makena, see Hydroxyprogesterone Caproate
Mannitol 25% in 50 ml IV J2150
Mannitol 5mg INH J7665
Marmine see Dimenhydrinate
Maxipime, see Cefepime hydrochloride
Mecasermin 1 mg SC J2170
Mechlorethamine HCl (nitrogen mustard), HN2 10 mg IV J9230
Medralone, 40 see Methylprednisolone acetate
Medralone, 80 see Methylprednisoloneacetate
Medrol see Methylprednisolone
Medroxyprogesterone acetate 1 mg IM J1050
Mefoxin, see Cefoxitin sodium
Melphalan HCI 50 mg IV J9245
Melphalan, oral 2 mg ORAL J8600
Menoject LA see Testosterone cypionate and estradiol cypionate
Mepergan Injection see Meperdineand promethazine HCl
Meperidine per 100 mg IM, IV, SC, HCI J2175
Meperidine and promethazine up to 50 mg IM, IV, HCI J2180
Mepivacaine per 10 ml VAR, HCI J0670
Mepolizumab 1 mg IV J2182
Meropenem 100 mg IV J2185
Mesna 200 mg IV J9209
Mesnex see Mesna
Metaprel see Metaproterenol sulfate
Metaproterenol sulfate, concentrated form per 10 mg INH J7667 , J7668
Metaproterenol sulfate, unit dose form per 10 mg INH J7669 , J7670
Metaraminol bitartrate per 10 mg IV, IM, SC J0380
Metastron see Strontium-89 chloride
Methacholine chloride 1 mg INH J7674
Methadone HCl up to 10 mg IM, SC J1230
Methergine see Methylergonovine maleate
Methocarbamol up to 10 ml IV, IM J2800
Methotrexate, oral 2.5 mg ORAL J8610
Methotrexate sodium 5 mg IV, IM, IT, IA J9250
Methotrexate sodium 50 mg IV, IM, IT, IA J9260
Methotrexate sodium see Methotrexate LPF
Methyldopate up to 250 mg IV, HCI J0210
Methylnaltrexone 0.1 mg SC J2212
Methylprednisolone, oral per 4 mg ORAL J7509
Methylprednisolone acetate 20 mg IM J1020
Methylprednisolone acetate 40 mg IM J1030
Methylprednisolone acetate 80 mg IM J1040
Methylprednisolone sodium succinate up to 40 mg IM, IV J2920
Methylprednisolone sodium succinate up to 125 mg IM, IV J2930
Metoclopramide HCl up to 10 mg IV J2765
Metvixia, see Aminolevulinate
Miacalcin see Calcitonin-salmon
Micafungin sodium 1 mg J2248
Midazolam HCl per 1 mg IM, IV J2250
Milrinone lactate 5 mg IV J2260
Minocine see Minocycline Hydrochloride
Minocycline Hydrochloride 1 mg IV J2265
Mirena see Levonorgestrel releasing intrauterine contraceptive
Mithracin see Plicamycin
Mitomycin 0.2 mg Opthalmic J7315
Mitomycin 5 mg IV J9280
Mitosol see Mitomycin
Mitoxantrone HCl per 5 mg IV J9293
Mogamulizumab – kpkc 1 mg IV J9204
Monocid see Cefonicic sodium
Monoclate-P see Factor VIII
Monoclonal antibodies, parenteral 5 mg IV J7505
Mononine see Factor IX purified non-recombinant
Morphine sulfate up to 10 mg IM, IV, SC J2270
Morphine sulfate, preservative-free 10 mg SC, IM, IV J2274
Moxetumomab Pasudotox - tdfk 0.01 mg IV J9313
Moxifloxacin 100 mg IV J2280
Mozobil see Plerixafor
M-Prednisol-40 see Methylprednisolone acetate
M-Prednisol-80 see Methylprednisolone acetate
Mucomyst see Acetylcysteine or Acetylcysteine compounded
Mucosol see Acetylcysteine
Muromonab-CD3 5 mg IV J7505
Muse see Alprostadil
Mustargen see Mechlorethamine HCl
Mutamycin see Mitomycin
Mycophenolic acid 180 mg ORAL J7518
Mycophenolate Mofetil 250 mg ORAL J7517
Myleran see Busulfan
Mylotarg see Gemtuzumab ozogamicin
Myobloc see RimabotulinumtoxinB
Myochrysine see Gold sodium thiomalate
Myolin see Orphenadrine citrate
Nabilone 1 mg ORAL J8650
Nalbuphine per 10 mg IM, IV, SC, HCI J2300
Naloxone HCl per 1 mg IM, IV, SC J2310
Naltrexone, depot form 1 mg IM J2315
Nandrobolic L.A. see Nandrolone decanoate
Nandrolone decanoate up to 50 mg IM J2320
Narcan see Naloxone HCl
Naropin see Ropivacaine HCl
Nasahist B see Brompheniramine maleate
Nasal vaccine inhalation INH J3530
Natalizumab 1 mg IV J2323
Navane see Thiothixene
Navelbine see Vinorelbine tartrate
ND Stat see Brompheniramine maleate
Nebcin see Tobramycin sulfate
NebuPent see Pentamidine isethionate
Necitumumab 1 mg IV J9295
Nelarabine 50 mg IV J9261
Nembutal Sodium Solution see Pentobarbital sodium
Neocyten see Orphenadrine citrate
Neo-Durabolic see Nandrolone decanoate
Neoquess see Dicyclomine HCl
Neosar see Cyclophosphamide
Neostigmine methylsulfate up to 0.5 mg IM, IV, SC J2710
Neo-Synephrine see Phenylephrine HCl
Nervocaine 1% see Lidocaine HCl
Nervocaine 2% see Lidocaine HCl
Nesacaine see Chloroprocaine HCL
Nesacaine-MPF see Chloroprocaine HCl
Nesiritide 0.1 mg IV J2325
Neumega see Oprelvekin
Neupogen see Filgrastim (G-CSF)
Neutrexin see Trimetrexate glucuronate
Nipent see Pentostatin
Nivolumab 1 mg IV J9299
Nordryl see Diphenhydramine HCl
Norflex see Orphenadrine citrate
Norzine see Thiethylperazine maleate
Not otherwise classified drugs J3490
Not otherwise classified drugs, other than INH J7799
Not otherwise classified drugs administered thru DME
Not otherwise classified drugs INH J7699
Not otherwise classified drugs administered thru DME
Not otherwise classified drugs, anti-neoplastic J9999
Not otherwise classified drugs, chemotherapeutic ORAL J8999
Not otherwise classified drugs, immunosuppressive J7599
Not otherwise classified drugs, nonchemotherapeutic ORAL J8499
Novantrone see Mitoxantrone HCl
Novo Seven see Factor VIIa
NPH see Insulin
Nplate see Romiplostim
Nubain see Nalbuphine HCl
Nulicaine see Lidocaine HCl
Nulojix see Belatacept
Numorphan see Oxymorphone HCl
Numorphan H.P. see Oxymorphone HCl
Nusinersen 0.1mg IV J2326
Ocriplasmin 0.125 mg IV J7316
Octagam 500 mg IV J1568
Ocrelizumab 1 mg IV J2350
Octreotide Acetate, Injection 1 mg IM J2353
Octreotide Acetate, Injection 25 mcg IV, SQ J2354
Oculinum see Botulinum toxin type A
Ofatumumab 10 mg IV J9302
Ofirmev see Acetaminophen
O-Flex see Orphenadrine citrate
Oforta see Fludarabine phosphate
Olanzapine 1 mg IM J2358
Olaratumab 10 mg IV J9285
Omadacycline 1 mg IV J0121
Omacetaxine Mepesuccinate 0.01 mg IV J9262
Omalizumab 5 mg SC J2357
Omnipen-N see Ampicillin
Omontys see Peginesatide
OnabotulinumtoxinA 1 unit IM J0585
Oncaspar see Pegaspargase
Oncovin see Vincristine sulfate
Ondansetron HCI 1 mg IV J2405
Ondansetron HCl, oral 1 mg ORAL Q0162
Oprelvekin 5 mg SC J2355
Oraminic II see Brompheniramine maleate
Oritavancin 10 mg IV J2407
Ormazine see Chlorpromazine HCl
Orphenadrine citrate up to 60 mg IV, IM J2360
Orphenate see Orphenadrine citrate
Orthovisc OTH J7324
Or-Tyl see Dicyclomine
Oxacillin sodium up to 250 mg IM, IV J2700
Oxaliplatin 0.5 mg IV J9263
Oxymorphone HCl up to 1 mg IV, SC, IM J2410
Oxytetracycline HCl up to 50 mg IM J2460
Oxytocin up to 10 units IV, IM J2590
Ozurdex see Dexamethasone intravitreal implant
Paclitaxel 1 mg IV J9267
Paclitaxel protein-bound particles 1 mg IV J9264
Palifermin 50 mcg IV J2425
Paliperidone Palmitate 1 mg IM J2426
Palonosetron HCl 25 mcg IV J2469
palonosetron 0.5 mg and Netupitant 300 mg ORAL J8655
Pamidronate disodium per 30 mg IV J2430
Panitumumab 10 mg IV J9303
Papaverine HCl up to 60 mg IV, IM J2440
Paragard T 380 A see Copper contraceptive intrauterine
Paraplatin see Carboplatin
Paricalcitol, Injection 1 mcg IV, IM J2501
Pasireotide, long acting 1 mg IV J2502
Patisiran 0.1 mg IV J0222
Pegademase bovine 25 iu J2504
Pegaptinib 0.3 mg OTH J2503
Pegaspargase per single dose vial IM, IV J9266
Pegfilgrastim 0.5 mg SC J2506
Pegfilgrastim-jmdb 0.5 mg SC Q5108
Peginesatide 0.1 mg IV, SC J0890
Pegloticase 1 mg IV J2507
Pemetrexed 10 mg IV J9305
Pembrolizumab 1 mg IV J9271
Penicillin G benzathine 100,000units IM J0561
Penicillin G benzathine and penicillin G procaine 100,000 units IM J0558
Penicillin G potassium up to 600,000 units IM, IV J2540
Penicillin G procaine, aqueous up to 600,000 units IM, IV J2510
Pentamidine isethionate per 300 mg INH J2545 , J7676
Pentastarch, 10% 100 ml J2513
Pentazocine HCl 30 mg IM, SC, IV J3070
Pentobarbital sodium per 50 mg IM, IV, OTH J2515
Pentostatin per 10 mg IV J9268
Peforomist see Formoterol fumarate
Peramivir 1 mg IV J2547
Permapen see Penicillin G benzathine
Perphenazine, Injection up to 5 mg IM, IV J3310
Perphenazine, tablets 4 mg ORAL Q0175
Persantine IV see Dipyridamole
Pertuzumab 1 mg IV J9306
Pet Imaging Gallium Ga-68, dotatate, diagnostic 0.1 millicurie IV A9587
Pet Imaging Fluciclovine F-18, diagnostic 1 millcurie IV A9588
Positron emission tomography radiopharmaceutical, diagnostic for tumor identification, NOC IV A9597
Positron emission tomography radiopharmaceutical, diagnostic for non-tumor identification, NOC IV A9598
Pfizerpen see Penicillin G potassium
Pfizerpen A.S. see Penicillin G procaine
Phenazine 25 see Promethazine HCl
Phenazine 50 see Promethazine HCl
Phenergan see Promethazine HCl
Phenobarbital sodium up to 120 mg IM, IV J2560
Phentolamine mesylate up to 5 mg IM, IV J2760
Phenylephrine HCl up to 1 ml SC, IM, IV J2370
Phenylephr ine 10.16 mg/Ketorolac 2.88 1 ml VAR J1097
Phenytoin sodium per 50 mg IM, IV J1165
Photofrin see Porfimer sodium
Phytonadione (Vitamin K) per 1 mg IM, SC, IV J3430
Piperacillin/Tazobactam Sodium, Injection 1.125 g IV J2543
Pitocin see Oxytocin
Plantinol AQ see Cisplatin
Plas+SD see Plasma pooled multiple donor
Plasma, cryoprecipitate reduced each unit IV P9044
Plasma, pooled multiple donor, frozen, each unit IV P9023 , P9070
Plasma (single donor), pathogen reduced, frozen each unit IV P9071
Platelets, pheresis, pathogen reduces each unit IV P9073
Pathogen(s) test for platelets OTH P9100
Platinol see Cisplatin
Plazomicin 5mg IV J0291
Plerixafor 1 mg SC J2562
Plicamycin 2,500 mcg IV J9270
Polatuzumab vedotin 1mg IV J9309
Polocaine see Mepivacaine
Polycillin-N see Ampicillin
Porfimer Sodium 75 mg IV J9600
Potassium chloride per 2 mEq IV J3480
Pralatrexate 1 mg IV J9307
Pralidoxime chloride up to 1 g IV, IM, SC J2730
Predalone-50 see Prednisolone acetate
Predcor-25 see Prednisolone acetate
Predcor-50 see Prednisolone acetate
Predicort-50 see Prednisolone acetate
Prednisone, immediate release or delayed release 1 mg ORAL J7512
Prednisolone, oral 5 mg ORAL J7510
Prednisolone acetate up to 1 ml IM J2650
Predoject-50 see Prednisolone acetate
Pregnyl see Chorionic gonadotropin
Premarin Intravenous see Estrogen conjugated
Prescription,chemotherapeutic,not otherwise specified ORAL J8999
Prescription,nonchemotherapeutic,not otherwise specified ORAL J8499
Primacor see Milrinone lactate
Primaxin I.M. see Cilastatin sodium imipenem
Primaxin I.V. see Cilastatin sodium imipenem
Priscoline HCl see Tolazoline HCl
Privigen 500 mg IV J1459
Pro-Depo see Hydroxyprogesterone Caproate
Procainamide HCl up to 1 g IM, IV J2690
Prochlorperazine up to 10 mg IM, IV J0780
Prochlorperazine maleate, oral 5 mg ORAL Q0164
Profasi HP see Chorionic gonadotropin
Profilnine Heat-Treated see Factor IX
Progestaject see Progesterone
Progesterone per 50 mg IM J2675
Prograf see Tacrolimus oral or parenteral
Prokine see Sargramostim (GM-CSF)
Prolastin see Alpha 1-proteinase inhibitor see Aldesleukin"""
Prolixin Decanoate see Fluphenazine decanoate
Promazine HCl up to 25 mg IM J2950
Promethazine HCl, Injection up to 50 mg IM, IV J2550
Promethazine HCl, oral 12.5 mg ORAL Q0169
Pronestyl see Procainamide HCl
Proplex T see Factor IX
Proplex SX-T see Factor IX
Propofol 10 mg IV J2704
Propranolol HCl up to 1 mg IV J1800
Prorex-25 see Promethazine HCl
Prorex-50 see Promethazine HCl
Prostaphlin see Procainamide HCl
Prostigmin see Neostigmine methylsulfate
Protamine sulfate per 10 mg IV J2720
Protein C Concentrate 10 IU IV J2724
Protirelin per 250 mcg IV J2725
Prothazine see Promethazine HCl
Protopam Chloride see Pralidoxime chloride
Proventil see Albuterol sulfate compounded
Prozine-50 see Promazine HCl
Pulmicort Respules see Budesonide
Pyridoxine HCl 100 mg J3415
Quelicin see Succinylcholine chloride
Quinupristin/dalfopristin 500 mg (150/350) IV J2770
Qutenza see Capsaicin patch
Ramucirumab 5 mg IV J9308
Ranibizumab 0.1 mg OTH J2778
Ranitidine HCL, Injection 25 mg IV, IM J2780
Rapamune see Sirolimus
Rasburicase 0.5 mg IV J2783
Recombinate see Factor VIII
Redisol see Vitamin B-12 cyanocobalamin
Regadenoson 0.1 mg IV J2785
Regitine see Phentolamine mesylate
Reglan see Metoclopramide HCl
Regular see Insulin
Relefact TRH see Protirelin
Relistor see methylnaltrexone
Remicade see Infliximab Injection
Reo Pro see Abciximab
Rep-Pred 40 see Methylprednisolone acetate
Rep-Pred 80 see Methylprednisolone acetate IV J2786
Reslizumab 1 mg
RespiGam see Respiratory Syncytial Virus
Retavase see Reteplase
Reteplase 18.8 mg IV J2993
Retrovir see Zidovudine
Revefenacin inhalation solution INH J7677
Ravulizumab – cwvz 10 mg IV J1303
Rheomacrodex see Dextran 40
Rhesonativ see Rho(D) immune globulin human
Rheumatrex Dose Pack see Methotrexate oral
Rho(D) immune globulin IM, IV J2791
Rho(D) immune globulin, human 1 dose package, 300 mcg IM J2790
Rho(D) immune globulin, human 50 mg IM J2788
Rho(D)immune globulin, human,solvent detergent 100 IU IV J2792
RhoGAM see Rho(D) immune globulin human
Rhophylac 100 IU IM, IV J2791
Riastap see Human Fibrinogen concentrate
Rilonacept 1 mg SC J2793
RimabotulinumtoxinB 100 units IM J0587
Ringers lactate infusion up to 1,000 cc IV J7120 , J7121
Risperidone 0.5 mg IM J2794
Risperidone (perseris) 0.5 mg IV J2798
Rituxan see Rituximab
Rituximab 100 mg IV J9310
Rituximab – abbs 10 mg IV Q5115
Robaxin see Methocarbamol
Rocephin see Ceftriaxone sodium
Roferon-A see Interferon alfa-2A recombinant
Rolapitant 0.5 mg IV J2797
Rolapitant, oral, 1 mg 1 mg Oral J8670
Romidepsin 1 mg IV J9315
Romiplostim 10 mcg SC J2796
Romosozumab – aqqg 1 mg IV J3111
Ropivacaine Hydrochloride 1 mg OTH J2795
Rubex see Doxorubicin HCl
Rubramin PC see Vitamin B-12 cyanocobalamin
Saline solution 5% dextrose, 500 ml IV J7042
Saline solution infusion, 250 cc IV J7050
Saline solution infusion, 1,000 cc IV J7030
Saline solution, sterile 500 ml = 1 unit IV, OTH J7040
Sandimmune see Cyclosporine
Sandoglobulin see Immune globulin intravenous (human)
Sandostatin Lar Depot see Octreotide
Sargramostim (GM-CSF) 50 mcg IV J2820
Sculptra 0.5 mg IV Q2028
Sebelelipase alfa 1 mg IV J2840
Selestoject see Betamethasone sodium phosphate
Sermorelin acetate 1 mcg SC Q0515
Siltuximab 10 mg IV J2860
Sincalide 5 mcg IV J2805
Sinusol-B see Brompheniramine maleate
Sirolimus 1 mg Oral J7520
Skyla 13.5 mg OTH J7301
Sodium ferricgluconate in sucrose 12.5 mg J2916
Sodium Hyaluronate
Euflexxa J7323
Hyalgan J7321
Orthovisc J7324
Supartz J7321
Solganal see Aurothioglucose
Solu-Cortef see Hydrocortisone sodium phosphate (J1710)
Solu-Medrol see Methylprednisolone sodium succinate
Solurex see Dexamethasone sodium phosphate
Solurex LA see Dexamethasone acetate
Somatrem 1 mg SC J2940
Somatropin 1 mg SC J2941
Somatulin Depot see Lanreotide
Sparine see Promazine HCl
Spasmoject see Dicyclomine HCl
Spectinomycin HCl up to 2 g IM J3320
Sporanox see Itraconazole
Staphcillin see Methicillin sodium
Stelara see Ustekinumab
Stilphostrol see Diethylstilbestrol diphosphate
Streptase see Streptokinase
Streptokinase per 250,000 IU IV J2995
Streptomycin Sulfate see Streptomycin
Streptomycin up to 1 g IM J3000
Streptozocin 1 gm IV J9320
Strontium-89 chloride per millicurie A9600
Sublimaze see Fentanyl citrate
Succinylcholine chloride up to 20 mg IV, IM J0330
Injection, sulfur hexafluoride lipid microspheres per ml IV Q9950
Sumatriptan succinate 6 mg SC J3030
Supartz OTH J7321
Surostrin see Succinycholine chloride
Sus-Phrine see Adrenalin epinephrine
Synercid see Quinupristin/dalfopristin
Synkavite see Vitamin K phytonadione see Oxytocin""" OTH
Synvisc and Synvisc-One 1 mg J7325
Sytobex see Vitamin B-12 cyanocobalamin
Tacrolimus, oral, extended release 0.1 mg ORAL J7508
(Envarsus XR) 0.25 mg ORAL J7503
Tacrolimus, oral, immediate release per 1 mg ORAL J7507
Tacrolimus, parenteral 5 mg IV J7525
Tagraxofusp – erzs 10 mcg IV J9269
Taliglucerase Alfa 10 units IV J3060
Talimogene laherparepvec per 1 million plaque forming units IV J9325
Talwin see Pentazocine Hcl
Taractan see Chlorprothixene
Taxol see Paclitaxel
Taxotere see Docetaxel
Tazidime see Ceftazidime
Technetium TC Sestambi per dose A9500
Tedizolid phosphate 1 mg IV J3090
TEEV see Testosterone enanthate and estradiol valerate
Teflaro see Ceftaroline fosamil
Telavancin 10 mg IV J3095
Temozolomide 1 mg IV J9328
Temozolomide 5 mg ORAL J8700
Temsirolimus 1 mg IV J9330
Tenecteplase 1 mg IV J3101
Teniposide 50 mg Q2017
Tequin see Gatifloxacin
Terbutaline sulfate up to 1 mg SC, IV J3105
Terbutaline sulfate, concentrated form per 1 mg INH J7680
Terbutaline sulfate, unit dose form per 1 mg INH J7681
Teriparatide 10 mcg SC J3110
Terramycin IM see Oxytetracycline HCl
Testa-C see Testosterone cypionate
Testadiate see Testosterone enanthate and estradiol valerate
Testadiate-Depo see Testosterone cypionate
Testaject-LA see Testosterone cypionate
Testaqua see Testosterone suspension
Test-Estro Cypionates see Testosterone cypionate and estradiol cypionate
Test-Estro-C see Testosterone cypionate and estradiol cypionate
Testex see Testosterone propionate
Testoject-50 see Testosterone suspension
Testoject-LA see Testosterone cypionate
Testone LA 200 see Testosterone enanthate
Testone LA 100 see Testosterone enanthate
Testosterone Aqueous see Testosterone suspension
Testosterone enanthate 1 mg IM J3121
Testosterone cypionate 1 mg IM J1071
Testosterone undecanoate 1 mg IM J3145
Testradiol 90/4 see Testosterone enanthate and estradiol valerate
Testrin PA see Testosterone enanthate
Tetanus immune globulin, human up to 250 units IM J1670
Tetracycline up to 250 mg IM, IV J0120
Thallous Chloride TL 201 per MCI A9505
Theelin Aqueous see Estrone
Theophylline per 40 mg IV J2810
TheraCys see BCG live
Thiamine HCl 100 mg J3411
Thiethylperazine, maleate, Injection up to 10 mg IM J3280
Thiethylperazine, maleate, oral 10 mg ORAL Q0174
Thiotepa 15 mg IV J9340
Thorazine see Chlorpromazine HCl
Thymoglobulin, also see Immune globulin
anti-thymocyte globulin, equine 250 mg IV J7504
anti-thymocyte globulin, rabbit 25 mg IV J7511
Thypinone see Protirelin
Thyrogen see Thyrotropin Alfa
Thyrotropin Alfa, Injection 0.9 mg IM, SC J3240
Tice BCG see BCG live
Ticon see Trimethobenzamide HCl
Tigan see Trimethobenzamide HCl
Tigecycline 1 mg IV J3243
Tiject-20 see Trimethobenzamide HCl
Tinzaparin 1000 IU SC J1655
Tirofiban Hydrochloride, Injection 0.25 mg IM, IV J3246
TNKase see Tenecteplase
Tobi see Tobramycin inhalation solution
Tobramycin, inhalation solution 300 mg INH J7682 , J7685
Tobramycin sulfate up to 80 mg IM, IV J3260
Tocilizumab 1 mg IV J3262
Tofranil see Imipramine HCl
Tolazoline HCl up to 25 mg IV J2670
Topotecan 0.25 mg Oral J8705
Topotecan 0.1 mg IV J9351
Toradol see Ketorolac tromethamine
Torecan see Thiethylperazine maleate
Torisel see Temsirolimus
Tornalate see Bitolterol mesylate
Torsemide 10 mg/ml IV J3265
Totacillin-N see Ampicillin
Trabectedin 0.1 mg IV J9352
Trastuzumab 10 mg IV J9355
Trastuzumab - anns (kanjinti) 10 mg IV Q5117
Trastuzumab - dkst 10 mg IV Q5114
Trastuzumab - dttb 10 mg IV Q5112
Trastuzumab- pkrb 10 mg IV Q5113
Trastuzumab- qyyp (trazimera) 10 mg IV Q5116
Trastuzumab and Hyaluronidase 10 mg IV J9356
Treanda see Bendamustine HCl
Treprostinil 1 mg J3285
Tri-Kort see Triamcinolone acetonide
Triam-A see Triamcinolone acetonide
Triamcinolone, concentrated form per 1 mg INH J7683
Triamcinolone, unit dose per 1 mg INH J7684
Triamcinolone acetonide per 10 mg J3301
Triamcinolone acetonide IM
Triamcinolone acetonide XR 1 mg IM J3304
Triamcinolone diacetate per 5 mg IM J3302
Triamcinolone hexacetonide per 5 mg VAR J3303
Triesence see Triamcinolone acetonide
Triflupromazine HCl up to 20 mg IM, IV J3400
Trilafon see Perphenazine
Trilog see Triamcinolone acetonide
Trilone see Triamcinolone diacetate
Trimethobenzamide HCl, Injection up to 200 mg IM J3250
Trimethobenzamide HCl, oral 250 mg ORAL Q0173
Trimetrexate glucuronate per 25 mg IV J3305
Triptorelin XR 3.75 mg SC J3316
Triptorelin Pamoate 3.75 mg SC J3315
Trisenox see Arsenic trioxide
Trobicin see Spectinomycin HCl
Trovan see Alatrofloxacin mesylate
Tysabri see Natalizumab
Ultrazine-10 see Prochlorperazine
Unasyn see Ampicillin sodium/sulbactam sodium J3490
Unclassified drugs (see also not elsewhere classified)
Unclassified drug or biological used for esrd on dialysis IV J3591
Unspecified oral antiemetic Q0181
Urea up to 40 g IV J3350
Ureaphil see Urea
Urecholine see Bethanechol chloride
Urofollitropin 75 iu J3355
Urokinase 5,000 IU vial IV J3364
Urokinase 250,000 IU vial IV J3365
Ustekinumab 1 mg SC J3357
Ustekinumab 1 mg IV J3358
V-Gan 25 see Promethazine HCl
V-Gan 50 see Promethazine HCl
Valergen 10 see Estradiol valerate
Valergen 20 see Estradiol valerate
Valergen 40 see Estradiol valerate
Valertest No. 1 see Testosterone enanthate and estradiol valerate
Valertest No. 2 see Testosterone enanthate and estradiol valerate
Valium see Diazepam
Valrubicin, intravesical 200 mg OTH J9357
Valstar see Valrubicin
Vancocin see Vancomycin HCl
Vancoled see Vancomycin HCl
Vancomycin HCl 500 mg IV, IM J3370
Vasoxyl see Methoxamine HCl
Vedolizumab 1 mg IV J3380
Velaglucerase alfa 100 units IV J3385
Velban see Vinblastine sulfate
Velsar see Vinblastine sulfate
Venofer see Iron sucrose
Ventolin see Albuterol sulfate
VePesid see Etoposide and Etoposide oral
Versed see Midazolam HCl
Verteporfin 0.1 mg IV J3396
Vesprin see Triflupromazine HCl
Vestronidase alfa-vjbk 1 mg IV J3397
Viadur see Leuprolide acetate implant
Vibativ see Telavancin
Vinblastine sulfate 1 mg IV J9360
Vincasar PFS see Vincristine sulfate
Vincristine sulfate 1 mg IV J9370
Vincristine sulfate Liposome 1 mg IV J9371
Vinorelbine tartrate per 10 mg IV J9390
Vistaject-25 see Hydroxyzine HCl
Vistaril see Hydroxyzine HCl
Vistide see cidofovir
Visudyne see Verteporfin
Vitamin K, phytonadione, menadione,
menadiol sodium diphosphate per 1 mg IM, SC, IV J3430
Vitamin B-12 cyanocobalamin up to 1,000 mcg IM, SC J3420
Von Willebrand Factor Complex, human per IU VWF:RCo IV J7187
Von Willebrand Factor Complex, human Per IU VWF:RCo IV J7183
Vonvendi per IU VWF:RCp IV J7179
Voretigene neparvovec-rzyl 1 billion vector genomes IV J3398
Voriconazole 10 mg IV J3465
Vpriv see Velaglucerase alfa
Wehamine see Dimenhydrinate
Wehdryl see Diphenhydramine HCl
Wellcovorin see Leucovorin calcium
Wilate see Von Willebrand Factor complex (human)
Win Rho SD see Rho(D)immuglobulin human solvent detergent
Wyamine Sulfate see Mephentermine sulfate
Wycillin see Penicillin G procaine
Wydase see Hyaluronidase
Xeloda see Capecitabine
Xeomin see Incobotulinumtoxin type A
Xgeva see Denosumab
Xiaflex see Collagenase
Xopenex see Albuterol
Xylocaine HCl see Lidocaine HCl
Xyntha see Factor VIII (anti-hemophilic factor recombinant)"
Yervoy see Ipilimumab
Zanosar see Streptozocin
Zantac see Ranitidine HCL
Zemplar see Paricalcitol
Zenapax see Daclizumab
Zetran see Diazepam
Ziconotide 1 mcg OTH J2278
Zidovudine 10 mg IV J3485
Zinacef see Cefuroxime sodium
Ziprasidone Mesylate 10 mg IM J3486
Zithromax see Azithromycin dihydrate
Zithromax I.V. see Azithromycin Injection
Ziv-Aflibercept 1 mg IV J9400
Zofran see Ondansetron HCl
Zoladex see Goserelin acetate implant
Zoledronic Acid 1 mg IV J3489
Zolicef see Cefazolin sodium
Zortress see Everolimus
Zosyn see Piperacillin
Zyprexa Relprevv see Olanzapine
Zyvox see Linezolid